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All I Got For My Sixth Birthday Was...

Who Am I?


...A dead Nanny?

Yep, our very own Antichrist got what every child wants for their birthday. Well, I know I wanted it.

So Damien gets to celebrate his sixth birthday in the UK. Lucky kid. Wish my father or mother was an Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. So while the media guys and their photographers wonder when the dark haired heir to part of a large fortune is gonna become a saint, the dark haired nanny's getting all the attention while holding said kid. But Mom's not having any of it, and takes Damien away from the nanny. :nahah: Whoo. Jealous much?

So as Cathy Thorn carries her son off, the nanny gets into a mental conversation and staring contest with a Rotweiler. What is she? A mind reader? Or an animal whisperer of sorts (take that Horse Whisperer fellow and you get the idea)? After a few minutes, the nanny disappears, location unknown.

So time passes, and no nanny. The kids are playing on various rides, the clown's doing his thing, and the photogs are making money. Then in the distance, we hear a female voice calling for Damien. As the camera turns- what the?! The nanny's standing on the balcony of the house (no, not house, bloody mansion!) and saying "Look here Damien, it's all for you!" She then jumps off the balcony, and after falling as far as the rope would take her, slams into the pane of glass behind her. No screams, no movement. Just dead weight.

Betcha that while this was happening, Cathy Thorn was thinking "Ding dong, the hussy's dead!" while being hugged by her husband and trying to hide her child's eyes from the morbid site. Of course, Damien sees the Rotweiler and waves to it, who runs off, job accomplished.

So, Damien gets his first view of death. Looked like he enjoyed it too. Betcha he can't wait to start offing off his own enemies by the time he comes of age... Wonder what's gonna happen next? Well, I know. I just don't know how I'm gonna spit it out yet... :fool:


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