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Remodeling idea brainstorm!

Raven Wolf


My friend Chris has been encouraging me that I can change the look and feel of this house completely so that I don't feel "unwelcome" any longer.

(btw, we've made an offer, & the seller has sent in their counter-offer, but I don't know what it is, yet)

As Chris pointed out, this place was decorated by someone obsessed with the hunting theme, and very little sense about colors and patterns. From the drab green on the walls, complete with deer wallpaper border, to the stone fireplace, the brown trim on the ceiling (the stripes you see on the off-white ceiling) which I'm told is an old English "Tudor" theme, used to continue the "deer lodge" feel, to the dead animals that used to litter the walls, shelves, and floor.....this place reeks of testosterone! :censored-1:

As Terry really doesn't care what I do to it, I may go a little crazy with decorating/repainting ideas, with Chris' help.

Oddly enough, the sunroom/laundry room of this house is already yellow, and it connects to the kitchen, meaning that one of my plans is made easier. You may have seen the drab, predictable little kitchen in this house here in my blog. Well, I saw a kitchen in another house we looked at (WAY out of our price range) that inspired me..... Here it is...


That's the look I'll be going for in the new one. Anything close will be an improvement.

Here's another angle...


Now, the so-called "Living room" is a whole other problem. It's actually too small for Terry to consider putting his entertainment center in. Well, not too small, but it's long and skinny. He doesn't think he can find the wall space, and wants to use one of the other rooms that's just off that room (the living room in this house is the green monstrosity with the stone fireplace) that's currently the living room as a "den", and put his tv, stereo, etc in there. So...this long green room will become more of a "library", or something, I guess. A room to sit and read, maybe entertain a guest if we ever actually have anyone over.....or whatever. So.....what to do with the dark green and the hunting theme???

I could be really mean, and paint the whole damn thing pink, you know...... :devil:



Here's the same room, in a picture taken by me....showing the true color of that room is not so dark (the former picture was from a real estate site, taken in another home we looked at, last month) and showing Terry, goofing off!


In my next post....we'll consider the bedroom and the 2 bathrooms......

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Now, the pink room could be the inspiration for what is now the green living room. OR, the living room could be yellow, blending in with the kitchen, leaving the pink idea for either the master bedroom, or the front room with the pink carpet that will be my "office".

Here are images of each room as they are now, followed by an idea for a new look for them.




Next, kitchen...



Same dark green in the master bedroom that calls for change...



Bla bathroom....


change to something more like this........


More ideas for other rooms and the outside soon to come............

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