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The Power of Christ Compells Thee!



You probably didn't hear it here first but the Beeb is providing us with a little genre treat this November in the shape of Apparitions. Now I'm reserved in my excitement for this project as the Beeb + Supernatural usually = caca (think Sea of Souls, Strange and other dodos) but sooner or later it will produce something worthy of the mantle of successor the X-Files or Millennium. So to whet your appetite, but don't whet it too much, here's a little promotional 'what not' about this forthcoming BBC Epic/Shite (delete as applicable).

Apparitions, a two parter new supernatural drama series produced by Lime Pictures for BBC One, which was due for broadcast early in 2008, has now been recommissioned as the first part of a longer series for transmission later this year.

Tony Wood, creative director of Lime Pictures said: “Apparitions is an exceptionally unique piece and we are thrilled with the results. To have the show commissioned as a series before the two-part special has even been transmitted is a great vote of confidence from the BBC. “

Apparitions stars Martin Shaw as Father Jacob, a priest who investigates miraculous happenings and promotes candidates to sainthood.

He is supported by Michelle Joseph (EastEnders), Elyes Gabel (Casualty), Rick Warden (Doomsday. Trial and Tribulation), Shaun Dooley ( Midsommer Murders, Mobile, The Street) and child actress Romy Irving (Casualty).

Apparitions has been written and directed by Joe Ahearne (Ultraviolet, Doctor Who, This Life) and created by Nick Collins (Murder In Suburbia) and Joe Ahearne. The producer is Annie Harrison-Baxter and the exec producers are Lime’s joint heads of production Tony Wood and Carolyn Reynolds.

Anne Mensah, a drama head with the BBC added: “The opportunity to move directly to series with Apparitions is a real testament to the vision and creativity of the team behind this unique project.

“The two-part special is all the things you'd want it to be, entertaining and scary but also thought provoking. It's fantastic to be able to develop this concept across a broader canvas."


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