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With Halloween around the corner and my brother in town we both took in to see Quarantine. The movie has some familiar faces as in Jennifer Carpenter that playes Dexter's sister and also played Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Steve Harris that was known as Eugene Young on The Practice. This movie hsa all the elements I look for in a Horror Movie. Scare factor, shock factor and fun factor. I want to be scared enough, that I want to cover my eyes, in which I almost did. If you want to go see this movie you need to remember that this movie is done in real time using one camera to shoot the whole movie. This was done in the movie Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project. For me the one camera use is necessary to tell this story. Jennifer Carpenter plays a news reporter and Steve Harris plays her camera-man that follows her. With this in mind it helps the movie to keep a great pace and entices the viewer to keep your eyes open. For me this movie was worth the price of admission and i highly recommend this movie. I must warn you all you may or may not like the ending. It is set up for us to see a sequel or two. This movie is a remake of a spanish film called REC. I have not seen REC but i will view it later this month. I give this movie 5 out of 5 broken thumbs. I also need to add this movie is nothing like Cloverfield, it reminds me more of a documentary covering a war.


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