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Welcome to the new Staff Blog at TIWWA!

The Old Man


Welcome to the new staff blog at This is who we are!

We'll will be doing our best to keep you all up to date with behind-the-scenes news, ramblings and a general heads up of what to expect from TIWWA in the coming months.

Its all a bit work in progress, so please bear with us and don't forget to give us any feedback, thoughts or ideas along the way. As far as I know, this will be the first example of a team blog at TIWWA - the difference being that multiple editors (in this case our staff team) have been assigned to the blog to post content. Don't forget that you too can set up a team blog yourself, just assign editors to your own blog and if you don't yet have a blog, you just need to make 25 posts on the forums to create one.

I strongly believe that team blogs are a great idea! With multiple editors helping to add content to keep your blog it will stay fresh and alive on a variety of subjects and themes you could choose from, that you may have in common with some of your online pals at TIWWA. Think about it and if you need help setting it up or adding members to your blog as Editors, just let us know in the Blog Support forum and we'll get your sorted!

Thanks again to all our members, for continuing to support the Millennium community and for being what we consider to be such dear friends.


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Hi. I'm Stephen E. Miller, an actor who played Andy McClaren on the third season of the show. Also I was in the pilot as another character. I just discovered this website today and registered. Just wanted to let everyone know that I loved the show and one day it will come back. Hope all is well and thank you for getting it up and running.



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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit and for sharing your thoughts!

We hope it will make a return one day too!



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