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Shoutbox - realtime AJAX powered chat coming soon.

The Old Man


One of the most frequently asked for facilities here at TIWWA is a chat room. We know you guys often want to talk amongst yourselves. I do honestly keep an eye out for such software that we can integrate with the board, so that you can use your existing log-in's without having to re-register on a separate database. Unfortunately most of the solutions have been very expensive, have security issues or are just plain fiddly.

Enter IP.Shoutbox! Rather than a 3rd party mod add-on, IP.Shoutbox is a feature-rich shoutbox/chat system for TIWWA and other forums that use IPBoard that is supported fully by Invision as a community project. You are possibly familiar with the concept, but IP.Shoutbox will enable you to send shouts to each other and allow others can read them. Its basically a small live 'chat facility' where forum members can type quickly messages to each other. It is like a chat-room for the forums, without the need for Java, Flash or any other browser dependency!

IP.Shoutbox is still in beta testing but is developing rapidly! At this present time, we do not know of when a final, stable release will be available, but when we do, we will keep you informed via this blog! I won't be installing the beta versions on this live site, but they are close to a release candidate.

Here's a couple of stills I grabbed from another site that is using it. This is the board's default blue and white skin, so don't worry, it will blend it when we come to use it.

blogentry-1-1224431586_thumb.jpg blogentry-1-1224431601_thumb.jpg

You will have full control in your member settings control panel over its use and its dimensions (width/height etc). You can use public or private shouts, smilies, insert images and use BBCodes etc. I'm sure you'll find it fun and a great alternative to rapid fire PM's when you are trying to discuss something quickly - perhaps even a TV show whilst you are simultaneously watching it!

Also, our Elder moderator team will have full moderation powers to track and remove any naughtiness or follow up any complaints - but you guys rock so fortunately that's never much of a problem for us! :wiggle:


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