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The Old Man


TIWWA Members,

The Happy Halloween skin has been made the default skin theme for the coming week, its tradition after all!

Therefore, if you were using the board's usual default skin (called M-TIWWA in the drop down list of available themes at the bottom of most pages), you will notice that you are now seeing the Happy Halloween skin. After Halloween, it will automatically switch back to normal.

Don't forget you can still change to a different skin when using TIWWA at any time you like, by choosing from the list of available skins at any time.

For Blog Users - If you now have a large empty space under your chosen Blog header image

If you are using one of our many available blog header images, you may see a large ugly space underneath it, now that the Happy Halloween skin on the main forums has been made the board's default skin. This is because your Blog hasn't already been locked to the default M-TIWWA skin, which it needs to be if you want to make use of the available header images. (For those interested, the blog header images are 100 pixels high but the Halloween skins allow for larger images ie. big pumpkins! so there's a gap).

How to fix:

You need to go to your Blog Settings, click on Look and then Lock your blog to the M-TIWWA skin. When we go back to the normal skin for the forum after Halloween week has finished, you won't need to make any further changes.


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