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Multiple blogs and Facebook Connect coming soon

The Old Man


Just a small titbit or two on the forthcoming version of the community software which we use.

Firstly there is official confirmation that users will soon be able to have multiple blogs. This will be welcome news for those who have or want a dedicated blog on a particular subject here at TIWWA, but would like to keep a personal blog for themselves. Soon you could have at least two blogs.

Secondly, TIWWA will now support a basic implementation of Facebook Connect as an option for users logging into TIWWA and associating their account with the same login as their Facebook account. This feature will be off by default and may be optionally enabled by us when we evaluate it. Should we decide to use this, the basics are that:

  1. Users will have the ability to use Facebook Connect to login to TIWWA. They will also have the ability to either associate their Facebook account with an existing TIWWA account, or create a new TIWWA account.
  2. Basic profile data such as avatar, profile picture, "About Me", and status will be synced to TIWWA from Facebook.

Invision have purposely kept the complexity of the various syncing options available through Facebook Connect to a minimum. They have many ideas on how they would like to expand the capabilities in the future, but they wanted to keep the integration basic for the time being.

See it as an additional login option, just like OpenID. If you have a desire to see this functionality enabled, please let us know.


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