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The Old Man


The ability to 'preview' a topic by viewing an excerpt from the first post is another feature coming soon to TIWWA. The developers have made the idea a little more useful by also including the last time you read a topic (if applicable) and the number of unread posts so you can quickly review how much activity has taken place since you last read the topic.


When you 'mouse over' a topic entry, you'll see a little 'pop-up' icon. Clicking this loads an excerpt from the first post along with some data underneath. This is very useful for moderators who can quickly review both normal and un-approved topics as well as being useful for normal members who can quickly decide whether they want to open the topic or not as it gives you more of an inkling as to what the topic is about.

Technical Details:

- Icon appears for moderators / admins and normal members. If there are no moderator tools, it shows on its own.

- When you mouse over the cell, the icon is "faded" until you mouse over the actual icon.

- Data is loaded via Ajax to reduce mark-up required in the templates.

- The post excerpt is stripped of all BBCode and mark-up to prevent it breaking out of the pop-up.

This feature adds a little more functionality and polish to the forum index, allowing you to perform your daily routine a little quicker and a little easier.

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Guest WaveCrest


A neat new thing Graham, which sounds part-complicated, part-easyon first reading, but will be straightforward when it's put into practice.

And I thought Ajax was a kitchen cleaner?!

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