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Win a signed photograph of Sarah-Jane Redmond with TIWWA!




Ladies and gentlemen,

As you know, TIWWA has recently introduced a new Skype discussion group to allow members to come together in real-time to chat with each other about our beloved show. Our next meet will take place of Saturday 17th April 8:00pm GMT and all are welcome to take part.

As our gathering focusses on Chris Carter's sublime creation, Lucy Butler, we dipped into her mythology to create a bit of fun that will allow Millennium fans to have the chance to win a gorgeous signed photograph of Sarah-Jane as Lucy Butler. Having seen it I can attest to how fantastic it is. Millennium fans will know that our beloved nemesis famously tempted Landon Bryce with her Apple Cinnamon Pancakes in Season Two's much respected "A Room With No View" and our challenge to you is to create a pancake filling befitting of The Devil's Liege Herself.

It can be scrumptious, noxious or downright poisonousness but be we ask that you put your thinking caps on and create a culinary delight of demonic goodness. If you want to add chocolate sauce to lightly flambéed deadly nightshade and sprinkle it with saltpetre be our guest. It really is up to you.

To enter, and stand a chance of winning this superb prize, simply leave your creative concoctions in the comments section here or send them to me (ethsnafu) as a personal message if you prefer.

You don't have long, the closing date for the competition is Friday 16th April 00:00 GMT so make sure all your entries are in by then. The winning entry will be announced during the chat.

Till then, love is blue!


Thanks, as always, to Sarah-Jane Redmond for her kind donation of the prize and to Graham for allowing us to use it in this way.


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I wish I had some Apple Cinnamon Pancakes right now! :tasty: Good luck to everyone who enters!

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This sounds so much fun, i will get my thinking cap on and get out a devilish recepie. :)


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Radio TIWWA IS aweswome :notworthy::clapping::ouroborous:

Yup, played it through as I wrote the review of the Pilot episode of Millennium, for my blog.

A good listen, a good playlist.

I was flabbergasted when I heard a Giorgio Moroder track, when was that on Millennium?

They managed to put every kind of music on Millennium, didn't they?

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Sounds great. I'm still looking for my software for my camera. When I find it I'll be skypping (Skype+ing = Skypping I guess) away.

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Ladies and gentlemen. We had a superb evening yesterday and our Skype chat was thoroughly enjoyable. Just to let you know we announced the winner of our exclusive competition to win the glorious signed photograph of Sarah-Jane Redmond and the winner, as drawn from a hat, was Laura Chambers. Join with me in offering her a huge round of applause and as soon as this lazy Sunday is over I will post her winning entry for you all to see. Well done Laura. :clapping:

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