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Life experience should count!



Job hunting at 40 is not fun at all especially in these times, when nobody is hiring and everyone is laying off. I was very fortunate that i have been a stay at home mom for several years now and only working here and there when i needed too or wanted too. It did give me a chance to go to college and finish but im finding it very hard to get back into the work force being out for so long and even having a degree is not helping. If only life experience would count toward job experience i would be over qualified. lol Ive done a little bit of everything and experienced a lot of different situations in life. Ive been poor to homeless, lived on family assistance had children at a very young age, 20 and 23 and then to having my own home and living a comfortable life. My husband and I have both worked very hard to get where we are today in life both coming from very humble beginnings. Ive done various jobs as well, ive been a receptionist, fast food worker, house sitter, dog sitter, yardworker, Emergency Room worker where i worked for a group of ER Docs that i did a little bit of everything for, from running errands, patient charts, typing, filing, answering phones, talking to patients, running to the morgue(fun) and even reading EKG printouts, yes, the docs would teach us to read an EKG printout because they would be busy on Ebay or flirting with a nurse, how scary is that. lol I have also been PTA Vice President in school, a Girl Scout Leader and I can also sat a toilet, experience coming from my many plumbing problems in the house. lol I have applied at several places in town and still nothing, if only they could see how bright, worthy, reliable and talented i really am and how much i could offer. I should take my sister's suggesstion and apply at Hooters but i don't think they are ready for a 40 yeard old fluffy waitress yet, maybe one day. lol :) I guess i will just wait around and see what comes my way. :) I believe in fate and karma so i will wait to see what the fates have in store for me. :)

Laura :)


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Wonderful post and it's why some companies in the UK have begun to employ people of your age and older as they can see the benefits of doing so as you describe. You are unlikely to phone in sick after too many ales on a wild weekend out, you're unlikely to go off on maternity leave in the near future, you bring a wealth of life experience and maturity to any role you do as well as countless transferable skills you have gained in the jobs you have done along the way. Any lady who has raised kids and kept a home has proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that she is more than capable of dealing with whatever life throws at her and that can't be said of the youth of today who struggle to communicate in anything resembling English much less anything else.

I wish you untold luck in your job search, I know times are difficult, but if a prospective employer can't see what you have to offer then they don't know what they are missing.

:thumbsup: Eth

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I really couldn't add anything more than what Mark said...'nuff said :D

I wish you luck as well.

- Jósef

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Guest WaveCrest


You'll find a job Laura! You're a warm hearted, polite and reliable person. :smile:

I did wonder what this Hooters place was, until I read your description! :laugh:

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makingeyes.gif you have never heard of Hooters Richard? lol oh i think you would love it. its a restaurant that has women with big "Hooters" in a tight shirt and short shorts as waitresses. LOL They have wings and chicken and burgers and fries and stuff like that. :)

Laura :)

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