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Burgers At Midnight



I see nothing wrong with a burger at midnight, who would agree? LOL My husband wouldn't. Me wanting a quarter pounder at midnight turned into a disagreement about how fattening that might be, lol i disagree, i think it would be delicious, this coming from someone who ate a whole tub of popcorn with butter, large coke and a snickers candy bar at midnight during the Elm Street premiere. See, i use to work midnights and we would eat all the time, burgers, fries, full course meals, lol and never bothered me. I can pretty much eat anything at anytime. I love to eat, i figure God wouldn't make food so good if he didn't want us to enjoy it. bigsmile.gif So to keep peace and appease the food police(my husband) i ate a double hamburger and coke,confused.gif not the same, now where are those brownies i made earlier? lol biggrin.gif

I know short pointless blog entry but i felt the need to vent and see who agrees with me. :) thumbsup.gif

Laura :)


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Well Laura, I can certainly agree! It's impossible to do a night shift without a hot meal, sandwiches can't cut it. Usually for me its pizza, chips (fries) and sharing some onion rings. Now if there was a Burger King anywhere near by, that would have to be my first choice! :tasty:

I've heard you shouldn't eat after 10pm but that's if you are sleeping, if you are working or doing other things like socialising, where's the harm? :rolleyes:

Burgers at Midnight - an inspired title if ever I've heard one!



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LOL Burgerlicious indeed.

As I work a lot of strange shifts I have eaten food at all sorts of strange hours. A nurse I used to work with, called Micky, would end her night shifts by going home, sitting in the back garden with a packet of salted nuts and a glass of vodka watching the sun come up. Her daughter once chided her for drinking so early in the day when the rest of the family were eating their cereals and then she asked her daughter "...what do you do when you get home from work on a Saturday..." and the daughter had to confess, she had a glass or two of wine. Same thing, different time.

Now back to food. Best meal I ever ate was at 2.00 am one morning and it was toasted cheese sandwiches. Being an absolute political junkie I rushed home from a night on the town on 2 May 1997 and watched Tony Blair sweep to victory in the historic Labour landslide whilst eating cheese toasties and drinking coke. Food has never tasted better.

Keep it burgerlicious Laura and down with the food police :)

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oohh, I guess then I can say, I make the best burgers, - well, I hope they are the best. I have it entered into a cooking contest on Sat, and I will blog about the event when its done, and how it went as well as the secret (very expensive) recipie...

Here's my thing... (wink) the hour of eating is in direct proportion to the hour of bedtime. people who eat at seven are usually in bed by 11, if you are up at midnight and it looks like your going to be ether, up all night, OR at lest two hours, no harm, no foul. Its just easier to deal with acid reflux if you dont have a full tummy.


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Hey Kath,

I love burgers and how did you do with the contest? I have really bad acid reflux so i do have to watch what i eat but i never do.. lol i love to eat too much.

Laura :)

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I have that too Laura! It started after working shifts for so long. Its been a lot better since I cut down on the number of night shifts I work.

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