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TIWWA Announces our Lance Henriksen's 70th Birthday Celebrations




Wednesday May 5th sees Lance Henriksen reach the grand age of 70 years young and as this is a milestone birthday the Millennium Fan Community (thanks to the inspiration of our founder, Graham P Smith) decided it was right and proper to mark the occasion in style and bring as many people together at www.tiwwa.info to celebrate the continuing career of one of the acting profession's brightest luminaries. To help the occasion go with a "boom boom" we have some super articles and videos looking back over Lance's stellar career and celebrating his achievements in various roles with a special emphasis on Frank Black. We have an exclusive comic strip bringing "Frank Black" back in his first adventure for over a decade (courtesy of artist and writer, Barry Renshaw with an ongoing series to follow), contributions from Millennium cast and crew members, Mark Snow, Peter Outerbridge, Robert McLachlan and Marshall Bell and from Movie Director and Writer, Brett Hart and Author M R Sellars. In addition to which we have games, an especially commissioned birthday anthem, seventy reasons why we love Lance Henriksen and much, more more.

Special thanks must be afforded to Matt Allair of www.x-fileslexicon.com and Laura and Frank of http://www.spooktalkular.com/ for their contributions and as the week unfolds we expect more surprises and fun.

As we look forward to celebrating Lance Henriksen's 70th Birthday, with the great and the good assembled, it is also time to announce the third outing of our Millennium Skype Chat Group, "Millennium: The Family". We are inviting each and every one of you to join us on Friday May 7th 8:00 GMT as we take a look back at the continuing career of Lance Henriksen and the plethora of roles he has become famous for creating (with a little more emphasis on Frank Black of course).

As always, we endeavour to keep the flame alive and hope that you will all join us on Wednesday May 5th to do so but, more importantly, we hope you will raise a glass to Lance Henriksen. Happy Birthday Lance, long may you reign.

Mark Hayden


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  • Elders (Admins)

So looking forward to this!

Thank you Mark, everyone of our TIWWA Blackcoat Community Volunteers and to the everyone who has helped contribute to the event!

Happy Birthday Lance Henriksen!

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To the actor, the artisan, the parent; thanks for sharing so much with your fans as you celebrate another milestone in your life. Happy Birthday Lance :thumbsup:

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It should be a great day and gratitude to every individual who went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out with this. Additional thanks to forum member Philiater for sharing this at Haven and I have my fingers crossed it will be at BigLight later today.

Here's to the great man himself.

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How exciting this is. Thank you everyone for all of your time, talents, and hard work. What a wonderful family group to be a member of. ouroborous.gif

Blessings and joy Lance, on your 70th birthday.

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Happy Birthday, Lance, wishing you all the best.

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Happy Birthday, Lance!

Thanks for all you've given us...

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Happy Birthday Lance! makingeyes.gif Hope you have a fantastic day filled with love and laughter and lots of yummy cake! :)

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Glad I answered the email to return, lotsa stuff going on here, including a link to a current X-Files forum....

I didnt get the email til this morning, early, but Happy BirthdayZ to Youuuuu Lance!!!!!!! (if he searches this far... probably should say it too in the threads)

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Guest WaveCrest


A remarkable joint effort has been done with the birthday celebrations for Lance. :thumbsup:

Ebdim9th, which current X-Files forum are you on about?

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The X-Files Lexicon Forum at least still exists.... hard to find any besides fans here....

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We are absolutely delighted to have you and whilst we are a Millennium Forum first and foremost all our members are seasoned Philes, lovers of the Gunmen, Harsh Realmers and more besides. You'll find some great Ten Thirteen content here on a daily basis and as for the folks? Well they truly are they best people you could ever wish to meet online. Thank you for supporting us.

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i actually haven't been here in awhile but i used to post here two years-ish go when i as rediscovering Millenium through the DVDs...

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Guest WaveCrest


Ebdim9th, is the X Files fan site "Mythix - An X Files Narrative" still on the web or has it closed? I did a web search for it a week or two ago and couldn't find it.

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I have to admit, it's been awhile since I looked, the results were discouraging...

I'm just starting to renew the search... seems the blogs are the best-updated... like Spotnitz's and others

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