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Six Blocks Equals Siberia??



When i was growing up we had one family car that my dad took to work everyday and my mom didn't drive so we just walked everywhere we wanted to go. We would walk to town, to the store, to friends houses and occassionally if the tirp was too far we would search our sofa for loose change for gas money for a friend to pick us up, back in the day when gas was cheap and you could buy a gallon or two with change from your sofa. bigsmile.gif

Well it is different times now and this generation is different, nobody goes outside anymore and we all communicate through text messages or computer email or facebookwhistling.gif but my son just got a job around town at the local hot dog/ice cream stand and this said stand is only about 6 blocks away and im streching it to say that. Well, im at a point in my life now to where i have one adult daughter and one almost adult son who is graduating high school next month, God willing, and will be on his way out of the nest but i don't dare cross my fingers cause his sister still lives at home. confused.gifconfused.gif and this is my time, i would like to think. Time for me to do something for myself, ive been a stay at home mom for a long time and now i would like to find a job and have some time to myself and i guess i will include my husband too, cause we want to start doing more things together and possibly do some traveling, so i got off topic but i had to explain myself, my son asked me since he got a job he would need the car to get back and forth to work, I looked at him and said Son, you can walk to work it is only 6 blocks away, do you know when i was your age........ blah blah blah is all he heard im sure and then turns around and looks at me like im asking him to walk to Siberia or something.. devil_01.gif It was like OMG call Oprah or the nightly news, mother abuses son by making him actually walk to work.. devil_01.gif

I know we have all heard the when i was your age speeches from our parents and now im doing it too but really come on, 6 blocks is nothing, when i was his age we use to run...... blah blah blah........ makingeyes.gif


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