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TIWWA EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Snedden Interview




TIWWA is a Millennium Community. There is no doubt about that but our admiration and appreciation for all things "Ten Thirteen" is reflected in the content our members share here as well as the flexibility the forum affords you all to indulge in your interests and passions.

I am a long time admirer of "The Lone Gunmen" and, in particular, the sterling work Stephen Snedden and Zuleikha Robinson contributed to the enduring popularity of a group of geeks that the "X-Files" made us fall in love with.

This is an interview I had always wanted to see. "The Lone Gunmen" never received the acclaim it deserved as a series and Stephen and Zuleikha rarely had a chance to tell their side of the story.

I approached Stephen about the possibility of an interview and was delighted when he demonstrated a passion for the show that surpassed my own. He was a joy to correspond with, a man of immense heart, and I am grateful to him for his time.

At first I thought the results would languish on my hard-drive but knowing I couldn't be the only fan of "The Lone Gunmen" out there I asked Graham for permission to share this with you all.

If you want to take a peak behind the scenes of that show and read the words of a superb actor who was an wonderful addition to a near perfect recipe then please check out the interview here and share your thoughts.

As it was said in the show, his kung foo is best. I couldn't put it better myself.



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Superb stuff Mark! With so many of us Millennium fans being very multi-cultural in terms of enjoying other 1013 shows, we'll find this a fascinating read. :clapping:

Check it out folks!

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My dear Mark, im so sorry i didn't get this posted sooner, with everything going on Summer seems to be always so busy around here, lol i barely have time to know my name, What is it again? lol I realized after being out all day today i forgot to 1. take my medicine this morning and 2. comb my hair. LOL I look like a very hot mess, but hey ive got that tossled hair look which i think is in this year. lol but anyway, i wanted to leave you a comment about this wonderful interview. I read it the other night and i loved it. How do you come up with such thought provoking and interesting questions? They are always so intelligent. I throughly enjoyed the interview and The Lone Gunmen was one of my favorite shows. I hated that it is gone. :( I wanted to thank Stephen for his time and say i loved him as Jimmy. :) They don't make the old shows like they use to. :( The chemistry between all the characters on the show was tremendous, such a wonderfully funny and entertaining show, its a shame it did not get the credit it deserved. Thank you once again for sharing this with us and i hope more interviews like this one is in the near future. :)

Laura :)

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Ever since you posted this interview I've been trying to find, somewhere on my overloaded hard drive, an interview or commentary where there's mention about how difficult it was to find the right actor for this role. (If I ever find it, I'll let you know.) I think there's an element in casting in 1013 where they were always looking for an actor/actress who had the capacity to inhabit the role. I would guess that on paper (script) this would have been a difficult role for actors in the audition process, because there's a quality to this character that many would not have been able to bring out. From what I can recall, this was a lengthy audition process until Stephen Snedden came in, and from that moment it was obvious. Jimmy had such a great heart, and it needed an actor who could do justice to that character. Stephen just nailed it, every time.

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