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How Fragle Is Life.



Many years ago in may, I bought a house and over the summer time worked at getting it livable. Though I had signed the papers, there was still cleaning (and huge spiders by the hundreds) to deal with. ( I got rid of the living room carpet and the spiders at the same time and the next day counted over 300 new webs in the front yard, so don't tell me about arachnophobia.

It was October that I brought Sid into the house, he had been abused and the pet shop was going to kill him because his back legs didn’t work. weeks of therapy , he was fine, and I brought him home a little sister to be company with. After Huddie, in the spring came a second sister, though she was older- set in her ways and had a protein deficiency. Over time, I had at one time five ferrets, and in time, all of them have passed on over the rainbow bridge (as its called by those who believe animals have souls)

Only Huddie remains. She’s almost totally blind, her back legs and hips have gone gray, and shes developed a serious condition tha her pancreases makes too much insulin and she slips into a coma. Shes nine. There is a surgery that could correct it, or medication, but she's nine, and to do both properly would cause difficulties for her. she wouldn’t survive the surgery. to keep drawing blood from the pad between her toes leaves her little feet bruised.

So, after discussion with her vet, it was decided a dietary change was put in place. Honey water when she goes into shock, and followed by something called duk soup.

the quest for duk soup took me to 4 different pet stores, and many miles on my day off but we have enough now for several weeks.

it seemed her old food had changed the ingredients, or something. We have half a bag of it left, and its getting given to some one who has a cat that can use it. her newer food is tiny, which for her is good because with her age , her teeth have gone bad.

Its really a race, against time you see. She isn't in any pain, and I handle her seizures pretty well. When its all done she’s like her old self. The question I ask my husband is. How long do we do this? How long do we watch, and wait, and re arrange our lives to accommodate her?

She is nine. She has the smarts of a 4 year old, and she's learned that if she does certain things, we respond. She will just lay still and lol her head to the side, knowing that we will take her out of the area where we keep her (she has a huge condo cage as her home when we are not able to let her out, she prefers out...but its safer for her to be where her food and water is when we are not right there)

Well, she pulled this, couple of times and I told my husband to get the syringe and honey water and squirted some in her mouth and her reaction was an immediate "I’m good I’m good!!"

Her brother Syd did the same thing, except with a cough, at 3 am, I got up, checked him, and he was ok, fussed over him a bit, went to lay down…. Cough cough cough

Got up, checked him again, he was fine, lay down, Cough Cough cough

Got up, checked him again, he was fine , Lay down, Cough Cough COUGH.. I didn’t move .


Sighed. Got up. Checked on him he was fine. Grabbed the travel cage reserved for , your bad and need time out from beating up your sibs, and / or you are sick so we are going to the vet. Closed it up, took it to the bedroom and placed it on the floor.

I hear this frantic scratching. He knew he hadn’t had a fight with anyone, so in his mind, he knew he was going to the vet who had ice cold thermometers. Scrabble, scrabble.


Take him out, look at him and say, “Look, if you continue to cough, you go to the vet…” He looked at me, said,. I not sick !! and I put him back into the main cage.

Cough cured.

Do I begrudge them cuddle time? No. the time we have with them is precious, and short. I don’t think we will be getting another pet. House plants, fish maybe, but,. Its too hard to lose them.



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