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once upon a time



:clapping:Once upon a time when I was very young (15) I dated a guy who was a year and a half older than me, and I knew, that, when you date, you have to do things, like find common interests. Well, the guy that I dated, wanted to be a writer, and his friends had decided that they were planning to be writers, and I decided, if I was going to hang with them I would have to be a writer as well.

Funny thing, that. Spelling was difficult at best, and I hated English, but I loved to read.

So I wrote poetry, and short stories and I submitted them to the school paper, and they were published. Really!. and I started a full length novel that was pretty bad but, it was something. apparently hand writing in bad script won't get you published.

The relationship with this young man lasted about 6 months, and it didn't end well. My love of writing though is something that has carried on now for 35 years

I went to college and yes, joined the college lit magazine, was published, and blew them away (usually they allow 2 submissions per book, I managed to get 6 in each book two years in a row- unheard of) briefly I wrote articles for the school publication, but, in honesty of my profession, tired of the editor turning my serious work into parody and sarcasm’s ended up telling him, if HE wanted to say something like that, please not to use me as a scapegoat.

It was after a tv movie when I quipped, I can do better than that " to a co worker and in a weekend, wrote 75 pages of a story that I used as a basis later for another story. i knew not everyone would like my writing style, and that’s their choice. I didn't give up though.

More often than not, my writing swung from mystery to romance, and I could out bustle with the best.

As of late, I am writing children’s stories. I have four, and they have been published in an in world 3d social website known as Second Life.

I started the project in 2008, with the idea to put out 1 book a month for a event called Tiny Tayles. What happened, however, was married life slowed down the creative process. The first two books happened on time, the third one had a year delay, and the last one, from start to finish took a week to complete and two weeks to get into the printing press.

I had made an arrangement with the creator of the avatars, Daryth Kennedy, in exchange for use of the avatars that all money would be donated to her charity, St Tiggys animal hospital in England.

If you care to read the books, you will need to go to secondlife.com and download the free viewer (avoid viewer 2.0, its nuts to use, the earlier version works better and is less dark) and then create an avatar You can find me in world under the name of Kath McGill- :clapping:

I don't know if there is a melinnium group in SL, but, if there isn't it would be a good way to get face to face (avatar speaking) and connect with eachother in real time.

See you in world,



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