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The scent of death, Part three



Perhaps, it is in the knowing. I didn't want to leave today and go to work, My husband was home, though, and reluctantly , I handed him our little one after giving her forehead a kiss, and I went off to work. It was a day, that nothing went right. I could do nothing right. Nothing that I would say would change what was going on. I got home, and found my husband looking somber. he said she had to have been waiting for me to go- that she knew her dieing in my arms would be too much- so, she waited. and in my husbands arms, she gave a sigh, then , stopped breathing. It has been an emotional time for me- these last few months with her being ill. The seizures, the decisions- but- knowing that she got the very best care- that- everything for her comfort was done- and short of using cloriform, or some other - method, I couldn't bring myself to do that.

The tears have stopped for now. I know, I will shed more- I know, that it will be hard, and I know that in a way, that the memories I have, that I can commit to paper, will help ease the pain in my heart.

i ask, all of you, to concider, if you do not have a pet, if you can not give a home to a pet that is in need- to help places that rescue ferrets, and animals , as well as the no kill shelters. It doesn't have to be alot- even 10 dollars helps to purchase kibble, or medication that they may need.

Had I not gone into the pet store that night, by the next morning when the manager came in, he would have made the decision to put her down, as they had a policy not to resell animals that had been returned. in all of the years that she has been a part of my life here- the joy, of her being, will remain in my heart forever. I don't know what my life would have been like with out the little fuzzbutts,

my heart is breaking, that they are all gone,

and to this end, I will miss them.



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