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Pumpkin patch

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Since I've been in this house, (9 years) I think I've only carved 4 pumpkins, or , had 4 pumpkins. The first was just the standard triangle eyes, the second, I actually picked up a book on how to carve pumpkins and I created the wolf below. The next year I carved my ferrets picture onto the pumpkin, and somewhere in the backup folders on another drive is the photograph. After my dad died - and the following year my uncle, almost to the day my dad went on the ventilator, I still, handed out candy, but, the decorations out side were toned down. I didn't do pumpkins, and pretty much, the decorations went up an hour before the kids went around and were down 10 min after the trick or treaters finished.

This year I have to work, leaving my husband to hand out the candy and snap the glowie stick bracelets for the kids and put them on. The neighbors know him now, so its not a strange man handing out candy.

Im probably just going to have the pumpkin outside. this year was probably the fastest I ever carved a pumpkin, My hubby scouped out the guts, and with a paring knife I made tooth shaped eyes, scrapped off a zig zag of hair, and gave him a single tooth.

christmas is a whole nother matter...

but, life goes on.


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