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In passing , part 2



Today we buried my uncle. It was a chance to meet up with cousins, and aunts that I had not seen in years, and, to hear the continuing dynamics of a family that had many more children from two combined marrages.

We arrived early to the funeral home, and then spent time with my cousins before following the mile long procession (yes, a mile of cars) to the church, then to the cemetary, and to the small chappel there where the US Navy preformed the flag ceramoney for my aunt, and presented her with the flag.

the young man got on one knee and held the flag, telling my aunt, on behalf of the presedent of the united states, and the us navy, ... and I think at that point every one there just began to cry.

As I had discussed with my husband, while there were some wars that the navy had helped in with trasporting people, and bombing off shore, and yes, with the USS Cole, there are dangers to being in the navy, but, not like my uncle faced during WW2,

We got back in the cars, and made our way to the grave site, and discovered that the grave wasn't quite ready yet, that there was some problem with it, and so they slid the casket out onto the pads, and we said our good bys while the funeral director gave assurance that he would personally stay with the body until it was in the ground, and covered.

from tehre we traveld to a restaraunt that didnt have enough tables, or chairs for everyone, and the ones that they did have, were too high, or small. but we ate, and had tea, and remembered the times that people had with my uncle, and I got a chance to visit with my one cousins children who were ever so sweet and I made contact with my cousins who had traveled out of state just to meet with their siblings, (the ones that were talking)

and it was sad, in its own right because when we were kids, we would get together at least once a month, and we would play, we would vacation together, and we grew up together.

and now,

I see them, I see their grand children, and I see- them all over again in their childrens eyes.

in how they wiggle and how the adults just love them the same that they did when we were little.

and I told the ones who traveled, far away, that, We would be there to tend his grave, we were there anyway to tend my fathers, they were together now- they would know that things were taken care of , and my aunt knows now as well.

He has passed, but will not be forgotten.


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Sorry to hear of the sad news Kath. My thoughts are with you. So many bereavements around at the moment. :down:

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