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Three funerals and a wedding...all in 2 weeks.



On oct 21st my niece, and her husband to be learned that his aunt had died. It was two days before their wedding and while the family knew she had cancer, (she had attended the bridal shower only 2 weeks before) it was still a bit of a shock to them with everything going on. They were married two days later. A week later, on the 29th, my uncle passed away, he had been suffering from cancers, and his passing was very hard to deal with. He was buried on nov 1st, and a day later my mother was getting ready to visit one of her oldest friends who had had a stroke, and the phone rang, it was her friends daughter letting my mum know that she had died during the night.

two weeks ago my mum had visited her and they had a tea party using the very best of the china. They had a wonderful time, and a week ago, my mum had visited her to pray with her. 3 days before her death, she looked over, and told her daughters that her husband , and my dad were sitting in the chairs in the corner of the room having a chat.

My dad had died on Nov 3rd in 2003, and her husband had died in 87.

2004, my uncle was due to have surgery (it being oct 28th) and he didn't want to have it. he asked my mother and sister, why were the nurses around his bed, there were 5 of them. they were wearing white, and there were two on each side and one at the foot of the bed.

My mum and sister didnt see anyone, yet my uncle insisted that there were nurses there. He died at 2 in the morning on the 29th from complications. As I reminded my mum, Uncle was blind. There wasnt any way that he would have seen nurses... unless, they were angels.

yes. there is a power greater than we are. While it may be argued that those who are close to death might hallucinate- its interesting exactly what was seen- and both were quite sharp in their mental ablitys up to the point of their death.

2010, in the morning of october the 29th, my other uncle died.

My mothers friend was a formidable lady who was an advocate for children with disablitys and was recognized by the president of the united states for her work of being a volenteer. Success was measured by children who learned to read, and to pray, and that went on to be their very best.

and tonight, there is another star that shines in the heavens above.


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