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The survival dance.



When I married, I was working full time (45 hours a week) and the money was good. Shortly after the marrage, the company merged and I was bumped down to part time, 35 hours a week, but managed untill last year to hold on to that status.

Last year, when they changed things, I was able to use my vacation time to work through the hours so that I still stayed full time, and kept my benefits, and that all ran out at the end of the year.

mind you, I have been keeping the house down to 60 degrees so that the bills are afordable. It's bloody cold in my house and I'm getting tired of ramin noodles and doing the funky meat ball in order to eat twice a day.

The car is due for inspection in 2 months, I need new tires for it to pass, the assets that I have are 2 cemetary plots, and my wedding band and a 7 yr old car that probably won't pass inspection.

the funny thing is, they want to know what your income is prior to the deductions (which IMHO you have deducted anyways)

if we go after deductions I make not enough to cover the bills and im living off of the savings that I had from doing some work on the web.

my hubby is trying to get disability, and its screwed up because he cant remember where he put his tax forms from 3 years ago.


what hope is there of winning the lottery?

I mean,

years ago, for me to be diagnosed in time with my thyroid was like the same chances of winning the lottery, as well as when I was diagnosed with melanoma. the chances of me getting married at 47 is about the same as winning a lottery and the type of man, (non smoker non drinker and very sweet and smart) was almost the same odds

so what are the odds for me? for us? to survive through the winter when so many people are falling through the cracks.

if i fall off the map, and disapear, its because the cracks have opened up and swallowed me.


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