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Dust Devil An orginal Millenium story. Part 1



The dirt swirled beside Jordan Black as she stood gazing at the empty lot which transformed into a house before her eyes. She could hear Simon explaing things to her, things that were important then. Things that would be important later. Simon went away after things were done, and her father while he hadn't beleaved her , he didn't - not- believe her. It wasn't long after that that her father arrived at her school and took her out of class. They drove for days on end, going into canada through back roads and staying hidden for a while before he finally pulled over and took out a folder that she saw had her name on it.

"Jordon, honey, I am so sorry." he began.

"For what Daddy?" she had asked.

He had closed his eyes for a long time before opening them and looking at her intently.

"Iknow what you see- the evil- it is because you are so- pure, that you can see them, and they can't touch you as long as you stay pure. But, honey, I can't - protect you the way I want to. I need you to make me a promise."


Jordan strugged inside with what she had promised her father. She would have to trust him. She did trust him. He drove into the night while she slept and when she woke up, she was on the sofa of her grand parents home and there was no sign of her father.

Her grand parents explained to her, that her father had placed himself in to a hospital to get better. He was - crazy- her grandfather had insisted. Her grand mother had shushed him, and continued that Frank had left Jorden in their care and when he got out, she could go back to him. He never did, Months passed, then years and while her grandparents took her to visit him on the holidays, he never really regained what he had been before. They told her kindly, it had happened before, several times, and they had known it was only a matter of time before this had happened.

"Your father isn't crazy" a voice whispered in the dark.

Jordan sat up in bed and looked around. She could see in the dim light that it was going on one am- and that the patter of rain was striking the window pane. Shaking off the feeling that she had been having a night mare, 20 year old Jordan Black streched and slid her feet over the edge of the bed before padding bare foot into the kitchen for a glass of orange juice.

It had to be that she was just a bit hungry before she went to bed. A stack of saltines gave the salty sweet cruch that she needed and she felt herself beginning the bliss buzz.

The rain picked up its patter against her windows as she slipped back under the blankets, crakers in hand.

"Your father isn't crazy" the voice, a mans, said again.

Maybe he wasn't" thought Jordan, But she certainly was feeling that she was for that moment...

More to come...

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