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Life imitates art...



So, work has been - work. (rant time)

I haven't had a weekend off in over a year and a half- I haven't had a vacation in three years, and I havn't had 2 day's off in a row in months, let alone 2 days off in a week, or work less than 40 hours in a week. It's stress, stress stress and I have lost 8 pounds in 5 days because I havn't been able to sit down and eat,- by the time i get home I am too exhausted to eat and my gut's not happy with me.

I have 5 drs that my PCP wants me to see, and I don't have the time to see them, let alone be on the phone during their office hours and I know that its a job, and If I complain, they will give my job to someone else.


Lady Mc Newstress. 27 yrs of age, transfered from another location where people were shot at in front of the location all the time- Left her fiance because he beat her, and drove her into bankruptcy. had to leave most of her belongings behind because her aunt had rented a tiny truck and refused to go back for a second trip. She lived with her grandmother whom she said was "right in the head" but, when she raised the comment regarding her getting her drivers licence, the grand mother locked her in the basement for 2 days.

She is now living with a girl that she shares a house with that is 5 miles from work. She was able to get a ride monday- friday, and had to walk on sat morning to get there (2 hours) and I ended up taking her to her home, and then picking her up at 7 this morning .

Work, didnt go so well today. Chalk it up to, I've put in too many hours and I am not able to sleep and a being on new medication that makes it painful to walk, bend or function.

that and I kept getting cornered by everyone with current events and ya know, Its just been too long of a week.

after 5 the store closed and she told me to go home. Granted, she was going to stay, and I told her to call the manager, get permission to have the time for us to catch up, and she was going to play the maryter.

Now, here's my thing.

When the manager and the other shift supervisor work with me, we get everything done. they are organized, I am organized and things just- go. It's stressfull as all get out. but they get their stuff done.

When I work with the other 2, things don't get done. What I do doesn't change, how I do it doesnt change, - its like, I don't know - all I know is every time I turned around she was dumping more things on me to do, and I am thinking me and what army?,

The thing is we all have our things to do. I do every single things I have to- and as the holiday seasons approch, things get busyer, with more things and less people.

So I am rather stuck. I still have to work every weekend, and the pressure is still one me to do the most of the grunt , with out a break.

and its like, I don't seem like I can get along with any one. --- or that I want to.


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