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Musings of an old woman



So, its saturday at 10:24 in the morning, and I have been up since 7, and I have to work from 11 - 9. Not my choicest of days, but, it pays the medical insurance.

I'm laying on my bed, waiting for the cloths to be done in the dryer so that I can get ready ready for work, (a tank top and my husbands swim shorts wont cut it...)

For the longest time, I have been wanting to do my own web page, and I have played around with a bunch of the freeones, and thought, yeah, I can do this...

and a friend of my husbands and I have a web server farm (according to my nephew they grow super fast on trees with fiber optics, but, IMHO I think they do it the old way, with a cable they bury in the ground and then in a few months , pull up the finished server)

and for 12.95, I was able to register my domain, and for a bit more a month I was able to get my own web site. WOOT

which was cool. However the url that I got, wasn't recognized, so I had to do some playing with it to find out exactly what was going on that I couldn't find the url. But I managed, and I logged in ...

and I'm looking over this thing and its like... crap... html...


Shaun was able to do a mirror of the one site that I had created on the free site, which is fine, but, I am still learning how to do this stuff, and would have loved the drop and drag, and my husband is like, you just use word...

but, from what I remember, you need to upload every graphic etc with the proper extention to make this thing work...



to view the site, read the stories, and visit the zazzle store, as well as information on the fundraiser for tony, please go to


if something doesn't work, please let me know.

for I am old, and shall wear purple today because its not my color, but I like it...


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