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Sometimes I Forget...



Felt this was as good of a place as any to share my thoughts...it won't cost me $200 bucks an hour and I can still pour my heart out! :grin: I was just thinking about the war in Iraq and how I feel guilty when I DON'T think about it. I'm a military brat, father was in Vietnam and Desert Storm. My brief marriage was to a "grunt" and I've always been a big supporter of our troops. Our troops, not this war. My best friend is over there, trying to take advantage of the money situation; meanwhile, her four children are at home without a mommy. I worry about her everyday, and it only takes a minute to take a life. I admire her strength and in a way I'm envious, but I don't think I could leave my daughter for a year plus. At least she has a choice-the majority of men and women over there do not. I think about all of the death and destruction and it bothers me. Anybody dying-doesn't matter who. Maybe it's unpatriotic for me to say, but I don't think people shooting and killing each other is solving anything. I have a homeschooled eight year old boy in my nature classes who talks incessantly about war and death and killing. He draws pictures of people with guns in nature journals with captions like "devil" and "monster". I've spoken to his mother in an unobtrusive way as possible under the circumstances, but she does not acknowledge that there may be some issues to deal with. Smart boy, but I see future problems for him if he doesn't get help. I can't twist his mother's arm; I can only gently share with her my observations and experience. Deep down inside I want to tell her he's on a path to murder and have him see a doctor. But I can't-it's not the "Way we do things". F#%K the way we do things---it's not the right way!Back to your regularly scheduled programming..... :nope:


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The situation in teh Middle east always has been brewing for centuries. Our being there just isn't helping much. Lots of ill will against the american troops and people who want the old (and terrible) ways back. It's a no-win situation at the moment.

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I think the sad thing about war is we all seem to loose.

I think we all need to remember whatever our thoughts are

these are our brothers / fathers / wifes and these people count

for something more then this. Support them and have faith

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