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TIWWA Upgrade Coming Soon

The Old Man


It's been over 2 years in the making, but the next major software update to our community software suite is coming soon! V4 of our software has been completely rewritten from the ground up for faster performance, great new features, improvements and functionality, as well as a new, fully responsive theme design, meaning it will scale automatically to fit computers, mobile devices and tablets without needing a separate plain mobile theme for smaller display devices.

There are a couple of important changes just to be aware of as Members.

Firstly, our current software has the option for Members to have separate Log-In User Names and Display Names. The User Name is what you enter to log into the website (or you can choose to enter your email address), the Display Name is what appears on the community website and in your profile which can be changed if/when you like.

V4 has done away with log-in names, so you just need to remember and to use your Display Name and TIWWA account password (or email address and TIWWA password) to log in to TIWWA after the community is upgraded.

Secondly, the concept of Friends in your profiles has been replaced with Followers, to make the feature more useful and social. So if want to Follow say Libby, you can do that from Libby's profile as you would have done before. You can then opt to keep up to date by receiving email or online notifications when the people you follow add new content, follow someone else, add a video, post a status update etc.

As some Members have lots of Friends, there is a consideration that those members may be receive too many Following Notifications, so when we upgrade the software we may opt not to convert Friends to Followers immediately as part of the upgrade process, in which case you can choose afterwards yourselves who to follow from new after the community has been updated. I'll give this some more thought to this but welcome any preferences from our Members.

I'll keep you all posted on progress, for the moment I'm waiting for the majority of issues or bugs to be discovered and fixed before we upgrade, and also for compatible Shoutbox to be released.
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