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A guide to Profile Cover Photos

The Old Man


One of the great new features with our software is the ability to customise your profile with a cover photo. Cover photos can also be used to great effect in the Calendar when you create or edit an event, and in the Blog section where you can theme your Blog much more easily than before. I've increased the maximum file size of the profile cover images as of today, from 1MB to 2MB to make it easier to find and upload your favourite images. You can really add something to your profile by using a cover photo, it may be a favourite scene from Millennium or another TV series or film, perhaps something personal to you with a meaning that enhances your profile and allows other members to get a better impression of you, or part of a cool wallpaper or other image, your home, town or pets. Some images look better than others, generally wider rather than taller images work best as you get a letter box view of the image.


Cover photos/images have replaced the old customisation options in your profile, so your customisations don't break the layout or theme of the site. They're also a lot cooler and fun to upload, especially if you are using a mobile device such as an iPad, because it will let you smoothly slide the image around to where you want it just using your finger (well it turns me on anyway!).

This blog entry will cover member profile cover images, but the principle is the same when adding a cover image to a Calendar event or your Blog.


Adding a Profile Cover Image

Simply go to your profile, you can do this by clicking on your photo/avatar anywhere on the site or from your User Menu (normally top right).

If you haven't uploaded a cover image yet, you will just see a blank space where it would normally appear. Look for the Cover Photo options to the right of this space.


To upload your new cover photo or image, click on Upload Photo.

The uploader appears and you can choose to browse and upload a suitable image or perhaps a wallpaper background image, or you can drag and drop an image however you prefer.

Once uploaded the image may show as you would like. You can reposition the image/photo by choosing the Reposition Photo option, which lets you move the image to where you think it looks best. This repositioning step will appear automatically after we upgrade to v4.1 of the site, as its often needed.


Once you are happy with your cover image or photo, it will be now displayed whenever you or a member views your profile. You can use the relevant options to overwrite or completely remove your image at any time.

Our new software is now fully responsive by design, which means the website and your image will automatically look and work really well on all devices includes mobile/cell phones and tablets, as well as computers without needing a separate skin or theme for mobile devices that have smaller displays and therefore need smaller images.

(Member profiles will improve again with the next update to 4.1, so any gallery albums will be displayed better in your profile.)

We hope you found this tutorial/guide useful.

This is who we are.


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I love it.  I had a hard time finding an image since most of them got cut off, so now it won't be a problem.  Yee ha.

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It's now even easier to choose a great profile cover image using our new stock photo picker!



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