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Latest Feature - Stock Photo Picker

The Old Man


We have come a long way since the late 90s when someone had the genius idea of using a small yellow smiling face image instead of the more common colon-bracket representation of a smiling face.

Within our community, there are various places that photography can be used to create visual interest. From uploads in topics, to cover photos for your blogs, calendars, clubs and profiles.

Incidentally, I've recently added some lovely animation to those areas, which you may have noticed!

So the humble upload field has served these areas well, but sourcing images to use can be a pain; especially when you have to walk the minefield that is copyright and attribution.

Fortunately, there are more than a few online stock photo libraries that offer quality photography that requires no attribution and are not hampered by copyrights. One such library is the ever-popular Pixabay, which was established in 2012 and features a very powerful API. Pixabay has over a million images ready to use from apples to sausages, and everything in-between.

This Is Who We Are now includes intergrated support for Pixabay which brings those images to your fingertips (or mouse pointer if you're on a desktop!). I'm hoping to add more integration soon.

All members now have access to this new feature which can be found in various places throughout the site like this:

Other Media.png

Launches the Stock Photo Picker!


stock photo picker.jpg

Search for an image and then insert it into your content...


adding content from stock photo picker.jpg

Then just use the + button on the Uploaded Image as usual to insert the image where you like within your content!


Using it for Profile Cover Images

Adding a stock photo to your profile cover images is easy too!

choose photo.jpg

then click on Choose Stock Photo...


adding cover image from stock photo picker.jpg

and your images will be inserted as your cover image, ready for you to reposition, just how you like!

Edited by The Old Man
All members now have access to this new feature


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