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More Wierd News...



Computer Models predict Magnetic pole reversal in Earth and Sun can bring end to human civilization in 2012 :Ouroborous_Large: – evidence of extra-terrestrial :alien: help in our survival http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/1753.aspHouston Couple Fights 'Demons' :devil2: With Christianity <ahttp://www.millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa/uploads/emoticons/TIWWA_angel2.gif' alt=':angel2:'>"I saw a demon my first time when I was 7 years old and it was in my room," she said. "At the time what I saw had yellow eyes. (It was) shiny, but I have also seen in the demonic realm, it looks leathery, almost like it has fur."http://www.click2houston.com/news/4238961/detail.htmlRussian scientist predicted tsunami two days before it hit Southeast Asia03/01/2005 11:21 US forces supposedly used a secret weapon in Iraq, <ahttp://www.millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa/uploads/emoticons/TIWWA_blowup.gif' alt=':blowup:'> which resulted in a powerful earthquakehttp://english.pravda.ru/science/19/94/377...35_tsunami.html

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