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Welcome to BVC

Spedis Owl


Happy New Year to everyone. As well as the beginning of 2007, today also marks the grand opening of the new BVC network where Millennium VS5 will air every Friday.

It’s an exciting time as everything starts coming together, and we can start sharing what we’ve all been working on for what feels like a very long time now. Things kick off with an original James Bond movie called SilverKnight, then an original comedy series entitled Desperate Screenwriters airs on Thursday. That of course serves as the lead-in to the fifth season premiere of Millennium with “The Begotten” this Friday. Speaking of which, I should also take this opportunity to flash the print ad for Episode 1 in your direction, which you may already have seen in the VS5 forum here at TIWWA.

Millennium Virtual Season 5 Print Ad 2

Now, I should direct you to the two main websites you need to start enjoying the world of BVC. The first is the central hub for all the shows and related news and so forth. Have a look around in your own time and be sure to keep dipping in to stay up to date. Bear in mind that much of it is still under construction, so there will be more to enjoy in good time.

The BVC Website

Then there are the forum discussion pages which have a section for every show where you can read the latest news and discuss every aspect of what you read. I really hope people will be as vocal about VS5 as they are about the real show, giving their own reviews and opinions and about the new episodes and characters, debating with each other on the negatives as well as the positives, and generally having as much fun with it as we have done with Millennium for so long.

The Forums

These forums will also provide you with places to discuss more general stuff about the rest of the world, and exists as its own community, but of course that doesn’t mean you can’t still discuss the VS5 episodes at TIWWA. The sub-board here has been pretty quiet, but I hope that will change once we premiere. Feel free to sound off in both forums in equal measure, and don’t forget to post any questions you want answering in the blog, that way this weekly activity will be a much more interesting read. Speaking of Q&A…


so will you modify the music for the vs5 opening credits?

The music wont change. We’re using Mark Snow’s opening theme as normal, specifically the updated variation he did for Season 3. We could never change the Millennium theme, that would be sacrilegious. The visuals in the main title sequence do change a little, however. We’re not talking major changes here, just a few little tweaks to reflect the way the real show touched it up slightly to make it unique for each year. We’ve got our own taglines too, so you wont see “wait… worry… the time is near” anymore. Needless to say, this was again the work of art director JT Vaughn who did a fantastic job in spite of me constantly asking him to do this and change that. Puts up with me wonderfully, bless him.


and one more question, what music will you have in the vs5, well in the virtual sense as in you cant hear the song but the lyrics are in the script , any Nirvana ? ok that was a cheap plug.

Well, we don’t necessarily type in the lyrics every time we feature a piece of music in the show. That’s one approach, but it’s the exception rather than the rule. Most of the time it’s not necessary, and you’d only really type out the lyrics if you had a specific point to make or effect to achieve. Otherwise it would just needlessly eat up script pages.

In terms of the music we’re invoking though, we’ve got a good mix that reflects the style of the real show. So far, we’ve had mention of N*E*R*D, Avril Lavigne, and of course a bit of Bobby Darin. In fact, there’s one episode in particular a short way down the line that features a specific Bobby Darin song quite prominently. No Nirvana, at least not so far.

Not too many questions for the blog once again. I really hope that will change after the premiere. After all, the whole point of this is to be conversant with the audience (that’s if we get an audience and you’re not all bored already!)

I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of dialogue from “The Begotten”:


You never knew me when I was part of that world,

Brad. I’ve told many people just the same as I’m

telling you now – I wont go back there. It’s been a

long time. Things change. I’ve changed.


Okay, I never knew you before the Academy, fine.

But I know who you are, Frank. I know what you can

do. I’m not asking for me, I’m asking for the victim.


This is what I do now. I teach at the Academy. That’s

as far as I go. That’s as far as I want to go.

Don’t forget, VS5 premieres this Friday on BVC. A new blog entry will be up each week from now on to rehash the episode gone and preview the one to come. Until then.

Don’t watch it alone.


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