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Yep, My Computer Is Insane Tonight

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It went funky weird and wouldn't work for me that well for over half an hour after shutting it down and turning it on. Then it decides to work again. Sigh, I need a new computer. However, I hope this thing works for a little while longer. I guess I just have to do that quick restore on the system again and build the hard drive prograamming from scratch soon. Hope I can finish thre or four outgoing projects before I do this (easier to do when it comes to time).:admin_power::blowup::aolhell:

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I hope you're keeping copies of all your "original" work via a medium separable from the PC. Murphy's law (or whatever the personal computer version of Murphy's is called) says the first time you don't keep a copy will be when the HD fails or some circuit board will fail. I can attest to that from personal experience!

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I have my written material saved to disc and some bigger info save to CD-R. really safe. Constantly backing up what I write to two floppy discs.

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