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Personal Ads..lowest Form Of Humility?



:hug:Just sitting here tonight actually placing an ad on a personals page. God, that feels so desperate. And you know people think you have to be a total pig (no offense to pigs) to be sitting at home by yourself and placing a personal ad! It was so much easier to meet people when I was younger; even in college it wasn't too hard. Now in the "real world" I never see anyone one but my daughter and the postman(and he's not my type!) Most of the time I don't mind being alone, but these late nights when I am stuck here because I'm a responsible parent sometimes suck. Especially when I watch a damn episode of Nip/Tuck-that's torture! It's so frustrating; I know I have a lot of good qualities, and the blonde hair, blue eyes and double D chest are usually favorable as well-so why I am here alone?? I miss going out with friends to a cool club and dancing-having a few drinks and flirting-I really miss flirting. Just mingling with others. But I'm in such a weird category. I'm not married, so I really don't hang out w/married people(they don't do too much anyway, and I know because I was married once!) I'm not really a "single" person, because I can't go out whenever I want because I have a daughter to take care of. I'm a pretty open person, but when it comes to approaching men-I don't do it. Unless I have quite a few drinks, then I probably come off as a complete idiot! This may sound horrid, but I almost wish I had the money to call an "escort" service for a guy. At least I could request a few specifications and he would be really interested and attentive because he's getting paid! HA-HA. Most of the time just working 40 hours/week and taking care of a kid keeps me busy...but sometimes you just want some opposite sex interaction-no pun intended! Or was it??:) :fool:


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I totaly understand where your comming from, however I am married but hey most times it feels like im not. As much as you love your kid it does get in the way of your own personal life but thats not a bad thing. I dont know how old your daughter is but the one thing I would deff. try is to find places to take her that would be fun for the both of you, no matter how lame it may sound you will have fun and the chances are that there will be some guy there in your same situation looking for the same thing, you just have to get out and do it, and belive me a club isnt the best place to find a guy belive me I am one, unless your only looking for one thing and it wont be a inteligent conversation. But you do have to get out of the house with friends or by yourself, no luck finding a baby sitter?


P.s. good luck and hang in there

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thanks!! My daughter(who is 11)and I do things together all of the time-we go to bookstores and lots of outdoor stuff-but never any luck!! I swear I'm not ugly(I look pretty good for my age) and no one ever approaches me except for the really weird guys! And just lately she's started the "I want my privacy" talking on the phone for hours phase. As for going out, I don't know many people and the out of the two good friends I've made recently, they're both married and never go out!! And going out by yourself is not too much fun, though I will go to bookstores and stuff like that by myself. I've talked to guys before about why they're not pro-active about approaching women, and they say that they don't like getting shot down. I'm old-fashioned (in this repect only) and cannot approach guys!! I guess I have nothing to lose either and I'm very outspoken, but I can't seem to talk to attractive guys first. I am intimidated! Stupid, huh? Some guys have told me that I am intimidating, but when it comes to meeting new men, I'm definitely not!

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Well it sounds like this, your attractive but to atractive for your own good (i mean that in the kindest of ways) you see guys are really dumb, if they get shot down, which is the number one reason to not aproch a girl, then they feel like they should never aprouch a girl because of that awfull feeling, and the thing is most guys have prob. musterd up the courage to ask a girl out and get shot down, so the chances of finding a really secure guy out there is slim especial if your really picky, everyone wants a barbie or ken doll, and im sure i dont need to tell you this, but its whats inside that counts and there are plenty of shy guys out there that are just dying have you just walk up and say hi, you dont even have to look at as if you are going to ask this person out, look at it as just plain being friendly and things will happen, it will be hard the first few times and even if your a bit shaky, if the guy likes you its not gonna matter, it wouldnt matter to you, right.


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I know you're so right! I think part of is that I haven't dated in a couple of years (a long, long couple of years! :eyes: ) since I moved, got a new job, and worked on just bringing food in the house. Now, I feel like I'm 12 years old and don't even remember how to talk to guys!! That may sound stupid-but it's true. I had more guts when I was 18 than I do now. That whole fearless I'm gonna live forever crap. I miss that! :cry: Thanks for the advice...I keep telling myself I'll go out and be crazy once my daughter moves out! (Yeah, when I'm 50, I'll be one hot brave mama!!) :smokin::wtf:

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I haven't really met anyone of interest for years. You might find a person to go out with eventually. Hang in there and stay strong. I'm curious o see a photo of you (I always liek to see what people look like- habit0.

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There is a link to a pic of me and my daughter under the content block titled "Some of My Family." It's kind of a crappy pic-was taken last summer at a festival in downtown Raleigh. Am trying to get some good pics of me, but I'm the one usually taking them around here!

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