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...It's strange to realise this,but as of this month,and this day, i have been with Denise longer than i have NOT been with her. VERY STRANGE!

...who knows how life would have been had i not gone to a trade school and ended up in a class with her sister?-(She had already graduated from the same school in 1985 and had a full time at a print shop and a part time job....at the supermarket.) ...Not sure,exactly.what she saw in me? Not that i consider myself horrible looking,but......

...who knows how life would have been had i not been out on the produce floor of the supermarket rotating bags of onions when Denise came and tapped me on my shoulder?

...who knows how my life would have been had we not gone through with our first date,on February,28th-1987?

...who knows how my life would have been had i not had her by my side when life changed forever on January,31st-1990?

...answer to all 4 of those questions? "I WOULD NOT 'WANT' TO KNOW."

...we've been together now for 17-years,and married 13-years this upcoming September. We,the both of us,have been through the most horrid of things and the most blessed of things during this long and winding road.

...I admit i may not be the most ambitious man in this world,all i know is that,long-term,i hope to be able to grow old and cranky- -with her.

...As the song goes: "17 has turned 35,i'm surprised that we're still living;if we've done any wrong......i hope that we are forgiving". J.Mellencamp,"Cherry Bomb",from the album "The Lonesome Jubilee",1987.



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