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A Club dedicated to all things Walking Dead! Beyond this place, beware spoilers! And the Walking Dead. Lots of The Dead.


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  2. It was a very well presented passing, peaceful, quiet, and intimate with just the 3 of them. Carl showed his bravery shooting himself to keep either one of them from taking care of him before he turned. After living and growing up in a world like that you can't help but mature fast, but bravery is different, it's something I believe he learned from those around him. Rick and Michone will cope, and probably because they have each other, but they both will change. I believe their hearts will soften because of Carl's final request for everyone to live in peace, and you could see Rick's soften after reading his letter and especially the letter to Negan. They will strive to meet his desire, and who knows, maybe even Negan will come around. Wonder what would happen to the show if Rick and Michone just took off and left everyone else to fight it out, or if one is killed off. There's talk about Rick dying, but in the comics he gets his hand cut off. If Rick were to die, I think Michone would go off on her own again, they way she was when first introduced to the series. If Michone dies, I think Rick will lose his mind or just give up and end it all. Then again, he might end up more determined to kill Negan and get rid of him once and for all. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It's heart-wrenching to have Carl gone. He was so young and very capable of leadership, of which he proved by saving everyone he could at Alexandria.
  3. The Old Man

    Come on Walking Dead S8 Part 2!

    I thought they dealt with the passing really well. Very sad, how mature and brave was he? Brilliant acting. I can't help but wonder how Rick and Michone will cope. Will it break them, or make them even stronger and more determined?
  4. Oh my, I try never to miss The Talking Dead. Love that show. I am a big fan of Jeffery Dean Morgan, who played the father of the Winchester boys in Supernatural. Have you seen it? They're in season 13 now. Yeah, it is a killer to have to wait a week. TV series that I have to download because I don't get the channel they air on, I wait until I have all the episodes, then I binge watch them. The Handmaid's Tale is on Hulu, and The Man in the High Castle airs on Amazon. Both are excellent shows and I am totally hooked.
  5. The Old Man

    Come on Walking Dead S8 Part 2!

    Totally agree, he can comes across as quite charming like many psychopaths. I sometimes watch the Talking Dead after show and he is brilliant in real life, just like all the cast! I think we get it about 24hrs later, 1 episode a week is a killer though!
  6. Yeah, I'm watching the calendar...Feb 25 here. It would help if Negan wasn't so darn handsome, but oh so evil. Bashing people's heads in, defacing them with an iron, or marrying other men's wives, is just wrong in so many ways. I'm surprised he hasn't had a mutiny on his hands, but then again, he does have a lot of backing Losing Carl is what's breaking my heart. Wouldn't it be awesome if someone figured out a cure? Even if it were by accident, we'll take it.
  7. I can't wait for the second part of TWD S8 to return! The suspense in awful. Will Neegan get his long overdue comeuppance by the end of Walking Dead eventual S8 finale? I do have a theory involving Morgan but it really has to be Rick who finishes him off, surely?
  8. Awesome artwork featuring Neegan, Lucille and Rick from Season 8 of The Walking Dead!
  9. Awesome artwork featuring main characters from Season 8 of The Walking Dead!
  10. ~ ~ ~SPOILER ALERT ~ ~ ~ http://www.moviefone.com/2016/08/08/walking-dead-season-7-spoilers-dream-sequence-missing-characters/ The Walking Dead" Season 7 is halfway through filming its 16 episodes. The premiere is coming Sunday, October 23, and with it the answer to Who Did Negan Kill? We should learn a lot more than that, though, and The Spoiling Dead Fans just offered some updates on what andwho to expect in the first eight episodes. *Warning: Spoilers ahead, and not even definite spoilers but rumors of spoilers* TSDF shared the rumor of a dream sequence taking place in the premiere. As they wrote "Supposedly it features just about all the main characters in Alexandria. So characters like Carol, Morgan, etc should also be in a small scene in episode 1 if the rumor is correct." They singled out Carol and Morgan because, based on the site's episode breakdown, it's possible Carol and Morgan (who were spared Negan's Season 6 finale lineup and instead met some newbies who should be part of The Kingdom) won't otherwise be shown in the premiere. That's based on character/actor tracking for the first eight episodes so far. As they noted, it's not official, but they have a good track record with these things. Check it out:
  11. THE WALKING DEAD Comic Con 2016 Panel Highlights Pt1 - Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs
  12. Airs October 23, 2016 The Walking Dead - Season 7 - Comic-Con Trailer
  13. The Walking Dead Comic Con 2015 Panel - Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun
  14. OMG, me too. And then to add to it, we have "Fear the Walking Dead" on the way also. Yee ha!
  15. Thank you, William, for posting that wonderful video! I almost can't believe how much i'm actually missing the show and its characters.
  16. LONG trailer for season 6!!! You see a lot of stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgX1geb4FlA
  17. October will get here faster then we think considering how time flies. Until then, let's not forget "Fear The Walking Dead" that premiers in late Summer. They are saying the date will be reveled at the San Diego Comic-Con, with the preview night July 8, and then continuing through the 12th. I'm betting the show will premier late July or early August, giving us plenty, if not all of the episodes, before the season 6 premier of The Walking Dead.
  18. Lovely teaser for season 6! Btw, i bet you can't guess which actors are kissing on that video. https://youtu.be/1WhnOE90fN0 Edit: I'm so sorry: the video is gone from Youtube now. I had no idea it had apparently been posted by a channel that didn't have permission to do so, or something. (The whole channel has been terminated.) Maybe if i can find the video elsewhere, i'll post it here again.
  19. Maybe it´s just our seventh sense. Perhaps we have recognized Seth Gilliam and not his role

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