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Welcome to our paranormal club! Discuss the paranormal in general, and also influences in the real world that inspired X-Files episodes, interesting/unique paranormal stories taken from daily news.


The Truth Is Out There, Aliens, UFOs, Sightings & Conspiracy
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  2. (This is so strange, and the doctors don't have a clue what is causing it.) https://www.yahoo.com/news/pakistan-treating-2-brothers-become-paralyzed-night-072706138.html
  3. Hope this is the correct forum for this subject. If not, you have my permission to move it. I often get confused with so many forums to pick from. LInk for the 7 ~ https://www.yahoo.com/autos/7-aviations-most-unsettling-mysteries-200000541.html Here's Popular Mechanics link for the 10 Unsolved Aviation Mysteries ~ http://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/g1460/10-unsolved-aviation-mysteries/
  4. UFO entering Interdimensional Portal over Geneva SWITZERLAND - Dec 2015 !!!
  5. I would give it a go just for the enjoyment. It's more of a visual effect, but possibly could have an effect on your vertigo. Just make sure you stay home afterwards.
  6. You are welcome. I didn't even know ceres was a planet! I know I can sometimes find 3d glasses at the dollar store. But I get motion sickness fromt eh oddest things, so I've never been brave enough to try them.
  7. I have both real cheap ones and good ones, and honestly, I didn't see much difference with or without them. Thanks for commenting.
  8. I guess most of us don't have 3d glasses? It looks so barren and then you have those spots that glow. neato! I dno't have 3d glasses but it's still nice to look at.
  9. This is strange, 23 views and not 1 comment. It's an awesome video.
  10. It amazes me, especially on this site, 32 views and not one comment.
  11. http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/10/8930539/my-baby-monitor-just-produced-a-paranormal-horror-movie?ref=yfp
  12. Mysterious Sinkholes May Be Threatening The World's Sixth-Tallest Building http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mysterious-sinkholes-may-threatening-worlds-192043328.html
  13. I"m glad she made it home. She's not too happy about the hooplah surrounding her. Hopefully she can settle in and have peace.
  14. ‘Woman in black,’ who appealed to US fascination with wanderers, reaches home http://news.yahoo.com/woman-black-appealed-us-fascination-wanderers-reaches-home-182331660.html
  15. Odd Cause of Gaping Siberian Holes Possibly Found http://news.yahoo.com/odd-cause-gaping-siberian-holes-possibly-found-115425786.html
  16. I just looked again. The edges are pushed up too, so there IS evidence of something exploding, or pushing up out of the earth. Sorry bout that.
  17. the side walls are incredibly smooth unlike most 'sink holes' . I hope they do investigate even though the true results will never be made public. it could be a warning of worse things to come.
  18. No evidence of explosion. I think it's a regular ole sinkhole.
  19. All the pictures are of the same woman. It's possible she got rides, but wasn't taken to her destination of choice. She accepted rides form some folks now and then. It's kind of sad and good at the same time that she is getting help. Good because she needed help along the way, but sad that people pass other people like her every day and take no notice. It's sad that someone has to dress in mourning garb and walk 500 miles before people wonder what their story is, and care enough to bring food and water and offer help. I hope people learn to notice more, and care more about all the folks on the street, or on the road.
  20. Now they are speculating that there is more then one woman because of the great distances apart that she is being seen. Someone dropped her off in Virgina, and then 3 days later she is seen in Dayton, 184 miles SW of where she was. Who is the mysterious 'Woman in Black'? ~ The Herald-News http://www.rheaheraldnews.com/news/article_2e4f7266-f0d8-11e3-bc4d-001a4bcf887a.html The article ends with this short paragraph ~
  21. Here's a video ~ Aliens landing or taking off has to be the cause.
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