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Millenniumistic literature (both fiction or non-fiction), theatre, lyrics, poetry, artwork and images with that familiar hint of Millennium plus a place to share your Fan Fiction.


Books & Literature, Fan Fiction
  1. What's new in this club
  2. AlienCon 2018 coming in June 2018 to Pasadena , CA . http://www.thealiencon.com/ they also have a FB page and same for Ancient Alien fans !
  3. Please, everyone, post away. Doesn't have to be about MLM or X-Files.
  4. I'm sure many of you have funny MLM or X-Files jokes and pictures. Please share. Starting with Gillian Anderson ~ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the main consultant on Ancient Aliens. Here's his picture. Now for Lance ~
  5. I'll send it to my kindle and give it a look sometime Gotham sounds great.
  6. Thank you Gotham Gal. Appreciate the PDF so I can read it later, and I am sure I will enjoy it.
  7. This is an old script I wrote over 5 years ago. It's feature length. I had wanted to do a Trailer and Poster for it, but I just don't have time. The script may as well be here as in my HD so maybe other MM fans can read and hopefully enjoy it. Cheers. Liz
  8. reading [ finally] the Alice series . I love the movies and decided I should actually read the stories before ' Alice Through the Looking Glass ' comes out in theater .
  9. I have really enjoyed Kay Kenyon's The Entire and The Rose series. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016ZGL4NO/ref=series_rw_dp_sw And by enjoy I mean I hate to put it down kind of book. Also getting bored waiting for another Dresden Files novel from Jim Butcher so I delved into Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International series. It's not Dresden but then nothing is. Still a very good series.
  10. Trust me, he's just as breathtakingly gorgeous in person.
  11. wow! that is so cool! do you remember something else? What a "character" these guy must have been...great singer...a true legend...
  12. Yes, yes, yes, Amen, "The King." Privileged to meet him 3 times, once when I worked for PBS at the Vine Street Theater in Hollywood, because they had an RCA recording studio in the building where he rehearsed for Vegas once, and twice in Vegas. What was thrilling is that he remembered meeting me at the studio. Oh my. I melted. In my younger years, before Priscilla got her nose job, I looked a lot like her, so I'm thinking that's why. Now it's her whole face, and sad to say she looks horrible.
  13. Yippee...used WinX HD Video converter and then I was able to burn a CD with all the tracks being an MP3...ye ha. Not a big fan of reality shows either, except for those that entertain, like The Voice, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance. I prefer it over Dancing With The Stars because the stars are being paid to be on the show, and put on a good show, and most often oozing with ego, whereas SYTYCD is kids off the street. I enjoy watching the pros dance, but pretty sure they are oozing with ego as well. Also not a fan of rap or acid rock, but enjoy just about everything else, including opera. Have to share one of my all-time favorite songs from Blue Hawaii ~ Elvis', "Can't Help Falling In Love"
  14. mmmm...it´s been a long time since I made a cd...one of the most common is Nero. I´ve used too a prog called Starburn. It's free and it works good so far. ConvertXtodvd is very cool because it can turn almost any format in a dvd automatically. I´ve used that too and never have a problem. Not a fan of realities shows but of course they have sometimes amazing people. The only one that I watched was a season when Adam Lambert appeared. And it was pretty funny to see the faces of the jury when he sang. It was also my face thinking: wooow! who is this guy? I also remembered thinking: he has just ruined these season because there was no way that he didn't win. The guy had it all. So there wasn't any contest. He is singing in Queen now...so enough said. Anyway, I admire his voice and I saw him with Queen. He is also very good with the crowd. Imagine you have a band so you make concerts but for how many people?...50? 100? 300? That is a number. Now, picture yourself suddenly singing with Brian May and Roger Taylor in a football stadium full of people singing "We are the champions", a song of for me the most incredible rock musician of all times: (sorry Paul M. You are almost there ;P) Freddie Mercury...man...to achieve that is amazing. I´m saying this because I am not a fan of that kind of singing. I admire his technique of course but I really don´t like that "broadway musical" way of singing so you can imagine how I feel with Queen songs. But to accomplish that...even as a Queen fan, I have to bow for respect.
  15. I understand formats since I download a lot, but which program do you suggest I use. Even though I have a ton of music on wmp that I ripped in my ignorant days, I'd rather have the mp3 format. When I convert videos I use ConvertXtoDVD, and use the vlc player to watch videos on the pc, but I have no other program for CDs. Even though I posted Jordan Smith, the winner of The Voice, my choice was Jeffery Austin, from the beginning of the show with his blind audition. This video below is the song he sang and received the save to stay in the competition. He's awesome and will definitely buy his album. I listen to him over and over again.
  16. yes, the tracks are in a double cd from the show. WMA is an audio format from Windows (windows media audio). Mp3 is mpeg layer 3...so it is a different format. There are a lot of programs that can turn different audio files like wma, wav, mp3 in a cd audio but nowadays most cars have players that can play almost any audio media. Anyway, mp3 is more "universal" than wma.
  17. Thanks for posting this track, I love it. Which album is it on? I have a ton of Mark's music and have trouble remembering what songs are one which album. Oh my, can't believe I just found it, on Millennium Disc 2. Need to ask you, aren't Windows Media (wma) MP3? I burn discs from the program, and they play in a DVD player or my car, so they would have to be MP3, right? Speaking of high voices, for a man, last year's winner of The voice, Jordan Smith, has one. Here's "Climb Every Mountain" from the finale. Fantastic song, and he did a perfect job singing it.
  18. Yes, and the track before that 1 has some interesting voices too :-) I have the other track too if U want in mp3. It is also in 320...sounds good 18 Love Jordan- Hobbit House.mp3
  19. Got to thinking, and we have our own soprano in Omerta. Couldn't find the track at YouTube, and not sure what other sites we can post from. I need to do my homework because I am sure that list is here somewhere. So, I will attempt to drag and drop the individual tract. Yay, it uploaded and it's not over 15.13MB. Love the music from Omerta. 20 Track 20.wma P S ~ Well, it appears it's not playing because it's technically a Windows Media Player file, so you have to save it to play it, if you have WMP. Sorry. Anyone know if it can be converted to a format that will just play here, like maybe MP4?
  20. Listening to it as I do other things, thank you Frank Jr., really enjoying it. Absolutely beautiful.
  21. nice video :) In return and in honor of the oscar that Ennio Morricone finally won, here is a very small piece that he did for a movie called Stalingrad, with the amazing Anna Netrebko. The video has the full track of the movie that is not musically speaking interesting due that it a war movie so... I´m talking about the very first track. She only sings in that one (and a little bit in another that is almost the same). When I heard her, I fell in love immediately with this woman´s voice. Too bad she lives in Russia...the story of my life! hahaha

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