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  2. seesthru


    nooope!!!!! not me!
  3. Earthnut


    New bridge image. Not stepping on this one either.
  4. I can't find anymore. It's a hard one. And after looking at the answers, there's one I still can't see. Glad this and the traffic one are behind us. Another picture with 7 differences, and so far all I can find is 5 again. Determined to find at least one more. They have definitely become harder, and finding a difference inside the bowl is blinding, but sure that's where 1 difference is. At least they threw in 1 that's obvious.
  5. They seem to be getting harder as I go down the list. At least to me anyway. Here's the beads answer. Back to food. There's 7 differences in this omelette. I'm stuck on 5.
  6. I got the burgers, not all on the car.
  7. Decorative, another hard one. Find 7 Differences. I'm stuck on 4 right now.
  8. only 5 on the veggies and stuck on 4 on the car .
  9. I'm sorry, I thought I put down the number to find in the car pic. It's confusing because they say 7 at the site, but the picture with the answer has 8 red circles, and I only found 5. I still can't see the difference with the burgers. I know which one but what is the difference with it? This veggie one has 7 differences. So far I'm stuck on 5.
  10. found 4 on the cars . how many are there suppose to be ??
  11. I see the difference on the burgers , took about 5 minutes .
  12. I still haven't found all of them. It is very hard. I could not find the odd one in this picture, and still didn't see the difference even after I looked up the answer. Please let me know if you do.
  13. Earthnut

    and the winner is .....

    Enjoyed it, thanks Walkabout.
  14. Walkabout

    and the winner is .....

    new trailer has been released !
  15. The car one, oh wow. I found 2... but I can't look at it long, it's painful
  16. I have to admit, the spa is easier then looking through the peas. That one was hard. This one looks real hard and going to work on it today.
  17. I knew there had to be at least one in the peas, and took forever. Couldn't get all the donuts. There's a yellow star that is almost impossible to see. Can you spot the 8 differences in the spa image? I'm stuck at 5 right now.
  18. Got all on the one, thanks for the peas hint. got 6 on the donuts nope! 7 on the donuts!
  19. I can only stare at the picture so long myself, and can only sit at the computer for so long or my back will give out. That has to be the difference in the picture because we've both probably dissected the entire image, multiple times. I even opened it with the original image trying to spot a difference. Going to move on to a new one. Hint on the previous one. Look in the peas first while your eyes are fresh. The rest I spotted, but the peas, oh my. Finding 7 difference with donuts ought to be more enjoyable. I want one of the chocolate.
  20. the 8 differences I'l have to do on a day when my eyes can stand the screen glare Oh and no, I didn't see the answer to the one anywhere, but the difference was obvious! more of that one part was showing!

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