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Countdown To Christmas!

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  2. yep , found the dog once I enlarged it . found the sheep too and the lollipop .
  3. The doll is a doozy, and may require a hint, which is posted above for seesthru. Took me a very long time to find it. I thought it was the dog too, and went back to the page where I found it to check to make sure. There's definitely a sleeping sheep, and hard to spot. There's a hidden dog in this one. Proud to say it's one of the few that I spotted right away. Then again, it's probably one of the easy ones for kids...
  4. are you sure in the sheep one , its not finding the dog ?? found the umbrella and your name but not the doll .
  5. Oh my, I am so sorry. One of the sheep is sleeping. It took me quite some time to find it, so you are officially warned...again. The doll, yep, very hard. Here's the answer ~ Quoting the website ~ This is one of those that you either find it right away or never...LOL. Then there's this one ~
  6. Even with the hint I can't find the doll.. The picture is difficult to look at, and I can't make out much of what is in it. What am I looking for in the sheep?
  7. The doll is very hard to find, especially considering we only see half of her. Hint #1 ~ Here's another one that took awhile, but eventually I saw it. Not as hard as the doll though.
  8. I found all the ones except the doll. Will have to come back to that. Got to take my coughing hacking self out and about today, yuck! THe doll one is gonna be difficult!
  9. It's weird how it goes from one extreme to the other. We either have to search forever to find it, or we spot it right away. Can you find the hidden lollipop? This one was hard. Can you find the hidden doll? I'll even give you a hint. You can only see half of her.
  10. both good . took a few for the fish but found the soccer ball right away .
  11. This image is small, but the only one I could find showing where all 12 of them are. These are a tad easier ~ There's only one little fishy among the rest of these ocean-dwellers. It's hiding somewhere. Can you find it? This one didn't take me long. Can you spot the hidden soccer ball? This one is a tad harder. It's weird too because, once you find it, it stands out like a sore thumb.
  12. I got 6 maybe.... They are smaller than you'd think.
  13. Wow, I think we spotted it at the same time. Isn't it amazing the tricks we can play on our eyes with images? You might have seen this one before, I might have posted it myself, but hey, I and still haven't find all 12. The British Army's elite unit shared the photo onto social media to show off their skills during Close Target Reconnaissance training. Can you spot the 12 soldiers hiding in the Brunei jungle?
  14. I was hoping you found the Pikachu because I still haven't. Nothing new till we do.
  15. I tried to put the cat in the spoiler thing, but it didn't work. It was easy to find tonight, after you gave e a direction. But the odd Pikachu... Nothing yet, and I stared for 5 minutes!
  16. The cat in the dogs is actually a joke. It's not a real seek and find. I THINK the cat in the owls is...
  17. I found the cat in the dog picture, but not in the owl one!
  18. Earthnut

    Halloween Fun

    LOL at the convenient one...necks exposed. Thanks for sharing. Best front yard display ever.
  19. Thankfully Graham has it set up where we can click on the image and enlarge it here. This one was hard ~
  20. Kinda bottom right, sorta below and right of the pumpkin with closed eye
  21. THey need to make the pictures bigger for us old folks! LOL I did find it, after enlarging the thing and staring until my eyes hurt!
  22. Earthnut

    Halloween Fun

    Skeleton Quizes What's a skeleton's favorite food? Why are skeletons so calm? Why do skeletons drink lots of milk? What do you call a skeleton who won't do any work? Why can't skeletons play church music? Why don't skeletons like parties? Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? Why aren't skeletons brave? Who was the most famous skeleton detective? What did the skeleton say to the bartender? What does a skeleton use to call his friends? What do skeletons say before they start to eat? Why don't skeletons each much? When does a skeleton laugh? What's a skeleton's favorite musical instrument? What's a skeleton's favorite song? How did the skeleton know that it was going to rain? Why did the skeleton want a friend? Who won the skeleton beauty contest? What kind of plates do skeletons eat off? Why do skeletons hate the winter? What do you call a skeleton snake? What's a skeleton's favorite pop group?

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