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  2. But not many writers think about design of newspaper. I saw old fashioned newspapers in shell in the store which buyers did not want to buy. So sometimes better to use newspaper template here for making your work more attractive to other people. Layout can also convey meaning in much the same way colour, imagery and typography can.
  3. do u read newspapers or books? share some of your favourites
  4. Ah Lucille, alas she is no more... Probably for the best!
  5. im fond of a recent weapon used by my brother from a different mother,negan smith...lucille. louisville slugger wrapped in barbed wire. the extreme always makes an impression.
  6. All the way back from 2005, its about time we resurrected this poll!
  7. Oh my, this is awesome! Welcome back, Zombieromero, good to have you here with us. The community is not as active as it used to be but we still love it. Looking forward to reading your posts! What have you been up to?
  8. Hey Viivi im back ­čÖé had to make a new account though as I think my old one was deleted. Hope your well and I am looking forward to being part of the TIWWA community again ­čÖé
  9. Wish we could have used the TIWWA TV logo. It's awesome. Maybe we can somehow remove the "TV" and center TIWWA. Then there's the MLM Ouroboros Eclipse by Captain Estrata.
  10. Wow, I saw something about that but never realised how, er, Ouro-ey it was!
  11. Wow, that could be taken straight from the show, very ominous! Are we sure Millennium was fiction?
  12. https://www.npr.org/2019/12/26/791471169/ring-of-fire-eclipse-sweeps-across-skies-in-middle-east-and-southeast-asia We didn't get to see it in the US. It was over the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I saw the pics and thought of the ouroboros in MIllennium...
  13. (Anyone that has a question, please post it.) What Was The First Sci-Fi TV Show To Enjoy Widespread Internet-based Promotion and Discussion? 1 ~ Babylon 5 2 ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation 3 ~ The X-Files 4 ~ Sliders
  14. Is this the man you got to work for, Eric "Red Mouth" Gebhardt? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_%22Red_Mouth%22_Gebhardt
  15. anyone know eric red? not the writer of "the hitcher",but the country singer? i got to work backstage at his show in my town yesterday lol im a temp so i occasionally get chances like this to be a roadie for a few hours ­čÖé first time i got a gig like this in 14 years working for mancan,just figured id share .
  16. New bridge image. Not stepping on this one either.
  17. I can't find anymore. It's a hard one. And after looking at the answers, there's one I still can't see. Glad this and the traffic one are behind us. Another picture with 7 differences, and so far all I can find is 5 again. Determined to find at least one more. They have definitely become harder, and finding a difference inside the bowl is blinding, but sure that's where 1 difference is. At least they threw in 1 that's obvious.
  18. They seem to be getting harder as I go down the list. At least to me anyway. Here's the beads answer. Back to food. There's 7 differences in this omelette. I'm stuck on 5.
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