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  2. Genius Scan app (zero dollars) is how I did Teso Dos Bichos and how folks have sent me Supernatural stuff for that collection when they don't own a scanner but are willing to share. You take photos of each page, open Genius Scan, select the photos and then you can edit them (crop the background out, throw a black + white filter on it, select page size as letter). If its a beast (larger than 25 MB) there are ways to make it smaller like export the file then import it again and you'll shrink the file size without losing image quality like you would if you select "medium" instead of "actual." It takes maybe 15 min to make the pdf (30 min if you have garbage carpal tunnel'ed hands like mine).
  3. Er, hang on a minute… A blizzard warning for LA and Southern California? 🥶 Stay toasty folks! = @Beerbelch
  4. Hope everyone is safe, well and warm in Northern US and Canada, with the mega cold snap. In the UK we've seen some glimpses of the effect. One was a video of a pan of boiling water being thrown into the air (never a good idea!) and instantly turnng to snow, apparently known as the Mpemba effect! I keep thinking about the people in Ukraine with no power, heating, safety or anything but hope and their incredible spirit to keep them warm in this senseless war. Stay warm everybody.
  5. I had never heard of Marburg until I watched MM. At first, I thought the writers had made it up, but quickly learned that it existed IRL and really was a pretty awful hemorrhagic disease that can kill (but not always.) I've since seen signs warning about it in international airports and in certain locations in Africa, particularly Central Africa. It seems Ghana may possibly be facing an outbreak according to this article from the UN. It's factual, meant to inform, and is not alarmist: https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/07/1122242 Kind of a quirky thing, but it is really quite interesting. Hopefully they'll dodge the Marburg bullet.
  6. Did you ever have any luck with your scanner @The Old Man? I would so love to get a look at The Curse of Frank Black!
  7. I've been cleaning up my X-Files scripts list of ones I've found searching for Supernatural ones, I've been waiting a long time to find a good home for these + I'm so happy I found one.
  8. Hi David, hope you're well! Yes, he actually dropped me an email about a year ago, I replied but never heard back. He was fine as I recall, superbusy with new responsibilities still in the UK education sector and avoiding the pox. Graham
  9. I have been wondering what Scott has been up to all these years. Has anyone heard from him after his account and site were hacked all those years ago?
  10. Attached is the aforementioned “Gehenna” script and a few more from The X-Files which can be added to the downloads section... The X-Files - 2x05 - Duane Barry.pdf The X-Files - 3x03 - D.P.O. (GOLDENROD).pdf The X-Files - 3x04 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose.pdf The X-Files - 3x10 - 731.pdf Millennium - 4C01 - Gehenna.pdf
  11. Excellent tips, Libby! I've now uploaded all of the scripts into the Downloads section, I'm sure they will be of interest and a useful reference. Hopefully other script owners will be willing and able to share in the future.
  12. You're welcome, Spedis Owl. It's nice to know there are still people interested. Graham, I’ve got a standard scanner/printer. However, I’ve got some text-recognition software that I use, but it also does scan-to-pdf. I just set it up and hit enter every time I change the page/sheet. Of course, I also set up a pot of tea, lots of cake, and something interesting on the TV... 😊
  13. Wow, thanks so much Libby! Lots of my favourite episodes in here. Very much appreciate you taking the time to re-upload them.
  14. Libby, How on earth did you scan all those transcript pages? Did you have a high scanner with auto sheet feeder or something? Any tips? I've never scanned my COFB scripts due to the time it would take, but it just dawned on me that the HP color laser/scanner printer magizmo I bought when I got made redundant in 2017 might be able to speed up the process. It's a big heavy beast gathering dust next to my PC in the attic, so I'll check it out.
  15. Thanks Libby! I'll get them uploaded here for posterity. The link worked fine btw. I did a search earlier today for scripts and there were a lot of posts, discussion and info surrounding many of the results. I've added tags to them so they'll be easier to find, pop up in the similar content widgets etc. Brought back a lot of TIWWA memories, both good and sad (Erin & Joe).
  16. I've uploaded all the 1013 scripts I have. The link as above should work. One of them I didn't remember I had - it's an unaired episode of Harsh Realm.
  17. These scripts are excellent, thanks for the upload Libby! It must have been pain staking working scanning each page. I didn't realise we were talking about the actual scripts. I have a couple of these but I thought it was something different again, perhaps the pink or blue versions that are mentioned on the TEOTWAWKI front cover. I know one of them refers to shooting locations. If you look back at photos of Lance's collection that he sold via Sue Myatt, you can see some of them. I wish we could have scanned them all first, his were covered in handwritten notes, written by the legend himself.
  18. Awesome, thanks so much! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d also be interested in the scripts from TXF, HR and TLG mentioned in the original post if you happened to still have any of those too? But I may well be pushing my luck 😁
  19. Hi, I've uploaded the three Millennium scripts I've got to Dropbox. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bvcwn39i0q12yn4/AADMT8ddpm98Dl9Yc6Ne10BUa?dl=0
  20. That sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately I only have “Gehenna” (linked above). It would be a shame if the rest of the series were lost to the ages.
  21. No worries, sorry for the delay! I tried that link again and it doesn't work for me, on my ipad nothing happened and now on my PC, I just get a page of characters and error messages. Perhaps they'll sort it. I know Libby will still have the files she uploaded, she is very meticulous. BTW, would you be interested in sharing the ones you have with the community and future searchers? If so, I can set up a dedicated area in the Downloads section for them. You could upload them yourself or send me a link and I'll happily do it for you.
  22. Thanks for replying @The Old Man i didn’t really expect any of the original files to be retrievable, but thanks for trying! Maybe somebody out there grabbed them when they were still available? As an example, this is the only Millennium script that seems to be available online: https://scripts.tv-calling.com/script/fox-millennium-1x02-gehenna/ But if anybody has any others, please do let me know.
  23. Hi @Spedis Owl Hope you're well! I tried to rescue them from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but that thing rarely works and is so slooooow. It seems to have a single page for each season with no actual links inside, just text suggesting it once did. To be honest, our wonderful @Libby is your best bet, she may be able to upload the Dropbox files again. I know she got very busy with her new grandchildren and I guess sort of retired from the site, although I think she still drops by occasionally to say a hello. I've tagged her here so who knows, we may get lucky for Christmas and see her! I'd be happy to upload them here into our Downloads manager, or a forum, but I just don't have them, and again TBH, I'm unsure of the difference between a shooting script and a normal script sent out to the cast and crew. We obviously have all of the MLM Transcripts, and I have a couple of original paper scripts I managed to buy many years ago. Regards, Graham
  24. Greetings, I have become something of a collector of Ten Thirteen scripts in PDF format over the years so was very excited when I found this topic, then of course so disappointed to find all the dead links. I’m sure this is a long shot given how many years have passed, but I don’t suppose anybody still has access to this little treasure trove? I know there are plenty of transcripts around, but I’m always hopeful of tracking down original Millennium scripts as PDFs which are even rarer than those from The X-Files...
  25. Most of those are way too messy. A garotte, or an overdose of morphine. Or the drowning one. Cleaner corpse
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