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  2. I really enjoyed this dark drama series Hidden from the BBC and eagerly await Series 4. Superb acting, beautiful cinematography, shot not too far away here in North Wales.
  3. The writers strike certainly doesn’t help but I’m glad they were able to a workable arrangement. They deserve it.
  4. I think maybe some shows feel like they've been around forever b/c of the long hiatuses they had during the pandemic.
  5. It feels like the show has been around forever! I wish it wasn’t only on Netflix.
  6. I know some people like scripts here so I thought I'd share the last one for BCS, "Saul Done." I hope it's the best place to put it--the scripts are all 1013s by show, so this doesn't belong there. Maybe it doesn't belong here at all(?) but it is tangentially related to 1013 inasmuch as Vince Gilligan wrote some scripts for CC and it's a pretty small file size. Better Call Saul Saul Gone s6e3D.pdf
  7. That's a good way of putting it, @OldMan. The series has had some frustrating inconsistencies between seasons and pacing issues, but the last season pulled it together rather well. Part of the problem for me may have been the long hiatuses.
  8. I have to say the the final season of Picard was perfect and a fine love letter to the fans of ST:TNG.
  9. Topic's been dead a while, but I was just thinking about William B Davis. Am wondering if anyone's read his book, I think called On Acting and Life?
  10. I agree, @voidprime. It's had fits and starts since S-1, but has gotten more consistent this season. A few kind of quirky things, but it doesn't distract me too much. I don't envy the writers having to serve all these characters, keeping track of their histories yet changing them and sending them off into this story--lot to keep track of.
  11. I really love this season of Picard so far (except for some odd placement of storylines in episode 2) and it is a step up from the jumbled mess of season 2 (which started out great though).
  12. Ep. 4 of Picard was just a bit disappointing. There was a sort of reverse Deus ex machina moment that didn't quite work for me. (I'm being cryptic so I don't spoil.) I still rather liked it though, as there are some good character moments and decent suspense. STTNG was always my favorite ST series, though, so go figure. Am prob. less critical these days. Before the pandemic, TV was almost an embarrassment of riches, but today? Not so much. Not much got produced, so we must be grateful for what we get, I suspect.
  13. Thanks Gotham! I saw it pop up on my trusty Amazon Firestick but I’m stockpiling it until I can binge watch it!
  14. Well, for anyone interested, Season 3 of Picard is off to an interesting and faster paced start. I need to be careful how much I say as to not spoil since so many are UK/EU and maybe haven't seen the first two episodes. I had to laugh when in S-3, E-2, a familiar character said, "The truth is out there."
  15. Season one did get off to a slow start, but I liked it. It's a shame it will be the last season, but Sir Patrick Stewart probably has more knightly things to do and is, sadly, getting a little long in the tooth. I really like his understated acting.
  16. I really enjoyed Season 2 of Picard, huge improvement over season 1 which was okay. Looking forward to season 3, but can't beeleeve its the last one!
  17. I did finish watching the season 1 finale of Pagan's Peak and I am going to binge season 2 in Jan 2023. Got the 99 per month (for two months) trial on Roku
  18. @ViiviOff topic, but I just 'discovered' a Finnish song I absolutely love: Laulu Jää / jää, by, I think, Kaija Kärkinen & Ile Kallio. (I obviously know no Finnish whatsoever.) Actually, it's a Finnish cover of a Bob Seger song, "Turn the Page," but it's such a nice take on it. Still haven't seen The Sinner, though it's still on my list.
  19. I absolutely love The Sinner! Not only because of Bill Pullman who is one of my all time favorites, but also because of... everything. The writing, the mood, the characters, the colors... Season 4 was just aired here in the Finnish national TV a few months ago. (Yes, I still watch the telly sometimes. 🙂)
  20. I haven't seen it, but it sounds good. Will look for it and check it out. Am always looking for good TV to watch late at night.
  21. Any fans of The Sinner here? It stars BIll Pullman, and has some Millennium qualities. The main character is, get this, a retired detective, who appears to have a gift (at least in Season 1 the woman he searches for speaks to him in his head). The tone of the show is foreboding and moody. A book containing an ouroboros is more than once shown and referenced. A growing conflict for balance between the case and his family life/love life is also a part of the storyline. I'm only 3 episodes in, and coming to this show late as I believe it may have just wrapped up it's 4th and final season, but I'm enjoying it.
  22. @voidprime, I'd definitely agree The Orville outdoes Star Trek in being good Star Trek. It does so by not taking itself too seriously.
  23. Season 3 of Picard was filmed back to back with season 2. the new ship looks like it happens to be Riker's old ship from the end of STAR TREK: NEMESIS. As for THE ORVILLE, some can argue it outdoes STAR TREK in being good STAR TREK.
  24. That could be quite good! I also heard they get a new starship, no? I sort of moved away from ST and watched the third season of The Orville, which I really like because it's simultaneously a parody of, and homage to Star Trek, done expertly by Seth McFarland. Some have said the actors don't have the gravitas that ST has, but I think they've grown into their roles rather well. The season recently finished up and has been renewed for sometime in 2023. (Such long hiatuses...:()
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