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  2. Season one did get off to a slow start, but I liked it. It's a shame it will be the last season, but Sir Patrick Stewart probably has more knightly things to do and is, sadly, getting a little long in the tooth. I really like his understated acting.
  3. I really enjoyed Season 2 of Picard, huge improvement over season 1 which was okay. Looking forward to season 3, but can't beeleeve its the last one!
  4. I did finish watching the season 1 finale of Pagan's Peak and I am going to binge season 2 in Jan 2023. Got the 99 per month (for two months) trial on Roku
  5. @ViiviOff topic, but I just 'discovered' a Finnish song I absolutely love: Laulu Jää / jää, by, I think, Kaija Kärkinen & Ile Kallio. (I obviously know no Finnish whatsoever.) Actually, it's a Finnish cover of a Bob Seger song, "Turn the Page," but it's such a nice take on it. Still haven't seen The Sinner, though it's still on my list.
  6. I absolutely love The Sinner! Not only because of Bill Pullman who is one of my all time favorites, but also because of... everything. The writing, the mood, the characters, the colors... Season 4 was just aired here in the Finnish national TV a few months ago. (Yes, I still watch the telly sometimes. 🙂)
  7. I haven't seen it, but it sounds good. Will look for it and check it out. Am always looking for good TV to watch late at night.
  8. Any fans of The Sinner here? It stars BIll Pullman, and has some Millennium qualities. The main character is, get this, a retired detective, who appears to have a gift (at least in Season 1 the woman he searches for speaks to him in his head). The tone of the show is foreboding and moody. A book containing an ouroboros is more than once shown and referenced. A growing conflict for balance between the case and his family life/love life is also a part of the storyline. I'm only 3 episodes in, and coming to this show late as I believe it may have just wrapped up it's 4th and final season, but I'm enjoying it.
  9. @voidprime, I'd definitely agree The Orville outdoes Star Trek in being good Star Trek. It does so by not taking itself too seriously.
  10. Season 3 of Picard was filmed back to back with season 2. the new ship looks like it happens to be Riker's old ship from the end of STAR TREK: NEMESIS. As for THE ORVILLE, some can argue it outdoes STAR TREK in being good STAR TREK.
  11. That could be quite good! I also heard they get a new starship, no? I sort of moved away from ST and watched the third season of The Orville, which I really like because it's simultaneously a parody of, and homage to Star Trek, done expertly by Seth McFarland. Some have said the actors don't have the gravitas that ST has, but I think they've grown into their roles rather well. The season recently finished up and has been renewed for sometime in 2023. (Such long hiatuses...:()
  12. Season 2 does have it's moments (and problems), but season 3 will feature a reunion with the entire cast of TNG along with using some of the old music cues in teh third and final season (which has already been shot and will premiere in 2023)
  13. I did watch most of season1 of Pagan's Peak on the Roku Channel and I was able to get up to half away into the season 1 finale before the free access to it expired at teh end of the month in back of July. Topic does have season 2 also available via their app. I really liked what I watched and I need to do a free trial to topic so I can finish teh season finale and watch season 2
  14. Definitely no one's watching, or at least not talking about it, so I'll just post here for posterity that the penultimate midseason finale (or whatever you want to call it) was really good and sets up for a great second half where we'll finish the story of Jimmy/Saul/Gene somehow or another. It's been a great journey.
  15. Anyone watching this? I kind of lost interest and wonder if I should get back to it once Saul's over.
  16. Guess no one's watching it, but 4 episodes in, I'm liking it a lot. Yes, the show takes some indulgences that are sometimes annoying, but the story is intriguing and characters rich. We get some revisiting this season that I'm happy to see again. Maybe the ending will be good. They have no excuses: plenty of time to prepare for a known end date.
  17. I still have to watch season 4 of the Bridge (have the bluray and multi-region bluray player I can play it on). I love the Tunnel. I do feel the US version of the Bridge is a letdown in season 2 in the way it portrays women.
  18. That's a shame, I hope it gets further availability. I just finished watching all 4 seasons of The Bridge (the original Swedish/Danish version) after watching the 2 season US version. Both were absolutely excellent and just as original, intriguing and well written as The Tunnel (the UK version of the Swedish version (phew!) I saw years back). So many twists and turns! The first opening 10 mins of The Tunnel still blows me away. I either forgot or didn't realise but S1 of Der Pass was based on S1 of original Swedish/Danish The Bridge (itself based on an acclaimed book), so I'm keen to see if there are more elements, each version has its own interpretation and story as well as the original premise. All of these are worth watching in their own right if you've not discovered the genre yet and the subtitles don't detract at all. PS. Avoid Wikipedia and it's rotten spoilers policy if you intend to watch any of these related shows, they will spoil them for you.
  19. Better Call Saul returns April 18th on AMC. Finally. Better dust off the last season DVDs I've got! I honestly remember where we left off. Yeah, I do, just not well. Should be wonderful!
  20. I'm so looking forward to the return of TV. Yes, there's been stuff on, I guess, but so many delays b/o Covid. I was reading an article on Picard's return, and it could go off the rails if it isn't done really skillfully. (https://screenrant.com/star-trek-picard-season-2-release-date-story-cast/). This alternate reality angle could get preachy and woke and if it does, I'll be signing off. Hopefully not...
  21. i watched this back around the era when millennium was on the way out and brimstone was onand haunted was shortly after.wish theyd caught on at upn/wb the way buffy and angel did so they couldve lasted longer.
  22. Season 2 premieres March 3rd on Paramount+ in the United States with weekly episode drops. The season is going to be 10 episodes and features Q and Guinan. There is a bit of time travel element as Picard and cast have to go back to the 21st century (Earth 2024) to stop something that happened to change the timeline of the future (good old Q and his games). Trailer: P.S. Can we get this pinned to the top of the discussion board?
  23. I had the chance to watch the first episode on Roku for free, but I missed out. Season One is only available on Topic streaming service in the USA (I wish Acorn TV would get it).
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