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  2. Hey, thanks for the research, I wasn't aware it was man-made. It's actually spelled with "dos," not "do," unless of course it's both ways. Found the video on YouTube. Hope those of you in other countries can view it. The aerial views are awesome. Here's the info from the link Libby posted ~
  3. I wondered where the water went, so I did a bit of googling and got this page: http://firsttoknow.com/the-journey-to-the-center-of-the-earth-begins-here-video/ There's another video there, but the best view is from around 2:20 onwards. Apparently, it's man-made as part of a hydroelectric system. But they've made it look so natural and beautiful.
  4. Simon Black

    Xanten 15/04/09

    On the site of the ancient province city of Colonia Ulpia Traiana Roman history comes to life - in short APX - in LVR Archaeological Park Xanten.
  5. it is incrediably beautiful. never got to scuba dive in the ocean but did get to skin dive and it was an awesome experence. We need more organizations like Sea Shepard and Greenpeace.
  6. I think that the only way we humans are going to learn to care better for our planet than we have been doing, is to see videos like this. For most of us, the only way we can connect to nature beyond what we see in our neighbourhood is because others have gone there and filmed. It's not easy to put in place legislation to protect fish stocks as that inevitably means an increase in price for the consumer, or preservation of coral reefs, etc., but maybe rather than going down the education/science route we should just go with our hearts and emotions, and say: this undersea world is awesome, and gorgeous, and wonderful, and beautiful, and we should protect that. Fabulous find, Earthnut. I've bookmarked it because I'll want to watch it again.
  7. This is absolutely awesome. http://www.youtube.com/embed/mcbHKAWIk3I
  8. Thanks Randee, I agree. The red carpet is an ego trip along with the award shows. I can say that because I was raised out there and met a ga-zillion of them. I have no doubts that sometimes women dress in a hideous dress just to draw attention. Kind of like, better to be on the worst dressed list then on no list at all.
  9. I'm sorry but the red carpet is what it is....and when your young AND beautiful [she was only 31] dressing like your great aunt Tessy is a major faux pas. better she had just stayed home.
  10. Not the best, but not the worst either.
  11. Gillian Anderson is well known for her "creative" choice of clothing at times (sometimes even to the surprise of her most devoted fans). I think she dresses according to her mood. I wouldn't really describe that dress as matronly, but it's Hollywood, where nothing is really real. (And perfect perky boobs usually owe a lot more to technology than biology.) She seems to be pretty much her own person who decides for herself how much she plays the Hollywood game (though that's remotely, given that she lives in the UK). Her brother died last year last year from a genetic condition: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/8971145/Gillian-Anderson-When-he-was-just-30-my-brother-was-prepared-to-die.html. That reality probably has played into her attitude that 15 seconds on a red carpet displaying "the wares" means nothing much in comparison with real life.
  12. Wasn't sure where to post this but when I saw the "Lifestyle" I figured it went along with the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." The Golden Globe Awards website has posted "Golden Globe Awards Best and Worst Dressed of Years Past," with our Gillian Anderson voted in 1999 as one of the worst dressed. Here's the link to the first page of 34 images starting with Jennifer Aniston. http://omg.yahoo.com...2317-slideshow/ I tried to post the link to Gillian Anderson's page but when I tested it I was directed to page 1 of the slideshow. Sorry, you will have to scroll through to find her. It won't take long because you can view all 34 thumbnails and then click on hers. Here's what they said on her page.
  13. No apologies necessary earthnut.You wouldn't believe how many posts I make and never go back to. I suppose someone should come up with a book of online etiquette. An e-book of course.
  14. Can't believe I missed your reply David. Sorry, and thanks. I especially like the butterfly at the beginning of the video. Each "1" is positioned just perfectly on the wings.
  15. Amazing stuff! The penguin was my favorite. At least I think it was a penguin.
  16. Walkabout

    Star gazing

    enjoy !! http://video.yahoo.com/editorspicks-12135647/featured-24306389/milky-way-video-wows-web-24960678.html
  17. Mikal C Johnson  KtCym ECA

    Solar City Tower

    Wow, that would be a very cool site and sight.
  18. There's an email circulating that this tower has been built or is being built. According to Hoax-Slayer, and other sites, it is only in the proposal stage, it is not definite. I personally hope it does get built, it's beautiful, whether you're on top or at a distance, and it runs on solar power. If it does, I'm on the road to Rio. Solar City Tower Pics @ Hoax-Slayer The pictures are larger here then anywhere else I could find, and they show the interior design.
  19. Earthnut

    dark-sky movement

    Me too Randee, it is a sad thing because the 'real world' is absolutely spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful.
  20. Walkabout

    dark-sky movement

    that's scarey ! I feel sorry for those who miss out on the wonders of the 'real world'
  21. Earthnut

    dark-sky movement

    And man keeps building more buildings and destroying more wildlife. The industrial revolution is the worst thing that could have happened to mankind, yet inevitable at the same time. There's nothing more beautiful then being up in the mountains or out in the middle of the sea and looking up at the stars. The article should not have worded it "light pollution," it should have been "light AND pollution."
  22. Mikal C Johnson  KtCym ECA

    dark-sky movement

    There was something I read this last Summer written by a woman who had raised her kids in the city. I think she said her daughter was about 7 at the time they had a massive power outage and there were no lights on in their area. She'd never realized that her kids had only ever seen stars on TV and in movies. The little girl pointed up at the night sky and exclaimed, "It's true, mommy! The world is real!"
  23. As someone who use to live in the country and now must live in the lights of the city I find this promising. http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=dark+sky+movement&fr=buzzlogsrp&gid=94259

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