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  2. Welcome to CharlieD

    Wow, thank you everyone : D I am a bit shy, indeed, but I'll do my best to participate. I was quite surprised and pleased to find a Millennium community still alive !
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  4. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Wonderful news! !
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  6. Yes, we must add medical dramas to the list. I lean more toward science fiction and some fantasies based on books I have read. Also, just a couple comic book heroes, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm a big fan of Game of thrones, Vikings, and The Walking Dead, to name a few. There are stores around with used TV series, just most of the time they don't have what I want in stock. I do look, but one store is in a super busy intersection that I don't like going to. When it originally aired I was a big fan of "Name That Tune," probably because I was raised in a musical home. Both parents were very talented and the singing rubbed off on me. I have to admit, producers seem like they're grabbing at straws. The Gong Show is another one. Speaking of harassment, you have got to read this short article about something Carrie Fisher did for a friend. http://start.att.net/news/read/category/news/article/decider-carrie_fisher_delivered_a_message_to_a_sexual_hara-rnypost

    Gotta agree re: cops and doctor shows. Too much. I just pick out maybe four or five of the more unusual shows to follow per year and at any given time, maybe only two are actually airing. As for the DVDs, are there any places to buy used nearby, earthnut? Just a thought. On a sadder note, I heard "Name That Tune" is coming back…:)
  8. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Joe is feeling good and was able to celebrate as his son . Gabe turned 13 ! only a few more treatments ! GO JOE seems only yesterday he was sharing the news that Gabe was coming home to be his son !
  9. Tidbits

    When Faced With A Choice Where The Only Options Are The First Choice Or Nothing, It’s Called A? 1 ~ Hobson's Choice 2 ~ Door Number One 3 ~ Model T Option 4 ~ Fool's Dilemma
  10. Snow Files of the Week

    Wow, this track is dark and moody. Of course I still enjoyed it, after all, Mark is a genius. Thanks Alex.
  11. Oh how I miss Star Raiders. It was my favorite. This does take us back a long way.
  12. Welcome to CharlieD

    CharlieD, welcome to our home away from home. Hope to see you here often.
  13. Old Man, I've gotten to the point where I even stay away from cop and detective shows. I am so burned out. Same with all the comic book heroes and all their powers. Now they're big on military, "The Brave, SEAL Team, Valor," and the list goes on. There's just way too many shows about sex, drugs, violence, and even the comedies are mostly stupid and hard to watch. At least for me anyway. I've really gotten picky. Totally agree with you Gotham Gal regarding 1-3. Especially how to watch and/or get certain shows that air on a station that's not available to me, or I just can't afford it. So many shows are airing on HBO (Game of Thrones), Netflix (a list), and I'm already paying for my basic cable and Internet. Plus, I have to be content with downloading a copy, and not buying DVDs, that are so very expensive.
  14. Yes G G, people buy based on how they feel, with their emotional realm, and why advertisers play to that. Interesting, because most of my viewing is also erratic, with DVDs, or on a flash drive, and I too would rather own. Not a fan of commercials at all. And just to be on the safe side, besides having the original set of MLM where the seasons were separated, I have a backup new set with them all in one box. And I too doubt that it will ever come out in Blu-Ray. Yes, seasons have become very short, and sadly they charge just as much for the shorter ones as the have the longer ones. The industry has changed, and definitely more of a money-making business. I also think streaming and torrenting is hurting their sales. 20 something episodes is very long, and it seems like the writers end up grabbing at straws, whereas 6 episodes isn't enough. You no sooner get into the show and poof, it's over for a year, or more.
  15. Mr. Robot

    Thank you G G for taking the time to reply to my question. I really do appreciate it. I will watch it again, and when I do it will be with a different perspective. Have a few other things to watch first, but will do my best to get back to you eventually.
  16. Mr. Robot

    Earthnut-- I think overall, the storylines on Mr. Robot require more attention to detail than most other shows. (Both from a writing and viewing standpoint.) The characters' motives are also hard to discern, which is part of the story to be sure, but which nonetheless makes them less relatable. While it's not necessary to like our characters, we must minimally care about what happens to them. That can be a challenge when we can't quite tell what, in fact, is happening to them, which is frequently the case in Mr. Robot. There's also the necessity to suspend disbelief. Or append belief, if you're in the parallel universe camp (i'm not.) Along with that, there's a trust issue, both with the storyteller (Esmail) and the main character, Elliot, an unreliable narrator, and who also happens to break the fourth wall regularly. I think this sub-sub-genre is particularly challenging, and so far at least, I admire Esmail's exploration of it. JMHO, of course :)
  17. I can't quite grok the views of execs on DVD/BluRay releases. If those media come out, they come on a slow boat from China over a year later, usually coinciding with a belated premiere of the season. Usually, the best time to get someone to buy is when they feel an immediate need or desire for the product, and that would strike me as being immediately after a finale. Watching at that point is a habit. Or perhaps at least by Black Friday. Most of my TV viewing is erratic binging on DVDs when I have time, so I'm often late to the party, but I prefer owning (as opposed to renting/streaming) my own copy of the media. So glad I got MM as soon as those DVDs came out. They still play (I think.) Some DVD/Blurays never come. I've given up on ever owning Man in the High Castle, for instance. Plus, seasons have become so short and hiatuses so long. A changing industry, to be sure.

    It gets harder all the time trying to figure out 1. how to get certain shows, 2. when the next season begins, and 3. when the DVDs will (finally) come out.
  19. Welcome to CharlieD

    Welcome to the TIWWA family CharlieD . don't be shy and ask questions , looking forward to your posts !
  20. A few days ago I read that it was forty years ago this year that Atari launched the 2600 video game console! I really do feel old, now! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-41204660/40-years-since-the-launch-of-the-atari-2600 I actually still have mine somewhere and it still works, I think! I received it as a Christmas present, like many kids at the time, and it was the probably the coolest Xmas present ever! I had the all black model and it came with Pac Man. I used to get told off for playing on it for hours on end! Defender, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Phoenix, Asteroids. I always wanted Space Invaders, but never got it. It got me thinking this weekend about all those things I miss from my childhood when growing up with my sister, from sweets (candy), drinks, crisps (chips), bikes, toys, TV programs, building dens etc. I think growing up in the 70's and 80's, although money was tight, we had it so much better in a lot of ways. You miss anything in particular from your childhood days?
  21. Absolutely tragic and heartbreaking, to see all those faces in the photos but of course far more so for the families, friends and communities who will be affected for the rest of their lives. As always following the horrible events, an awful lot of questions to be answered, and some long hard looks at why their isn't more appropriate regulation in this modern world. I'm really hoping that out of this there is some real progress this time, common ground found between the opponents and proponents, and it doesn't lose momentum.

    Well I usually stay away from profiler type shows, but you have me intrigued. Are Netflix shows available on other platforms? I only have Sky and Amazon Prime.
  23. Huge welcome to This Is Is Who We Are! Thanks for registering!
  24. Well, Chris Carter thinks about bringing back MillenniuM for years now, but nothing really happens. I guess nobody at FOX is interested in doing a revival of that show. It's so sad that the show is almost forgotten now outside the fan base. The DVD box sets are out of print now for many years and a blu-ray version is long overdue, but nothing is happening. Not even for the show's 20th anniversary last year, so it seems that really no one cares about the show at FOX anymore.
  25. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Cortege" (1999/2002) from the "Cold Spring" sampler "The Chamber". Here we have a very rare occasion, where Mark didn't compose for a movie or a tv series. The track "Cortege" was supposed to be an appetizer for an all non-movie album called "Death...be not proud", consisting entirely of new compositions by Mark. The release date was set for spring of 1999, there was even a tracklist (Intonation, Cortege, If Hitler Had Autism, Mr Jones, Quietude and Colonel Parkinson). But apparently, that never happened, at least I coulnd't find anything concerning the album. It's not even listed on the label's website. The only thing, that was released, seems to be this track. I sent a message to the label and got a very surprising response. Mark indeed started working on the album, but he had more and more soundtrack work on his hands, that he just didn't have the time to continue working on this album. The label still has a master for the album with a running time of 25 minutes. The track shows Mark in his dark ambient mode. This is for all those dark-and-moody-loving X-Files fans. Enjoy!
  26. unfortunately Winky never made it to the screen . we had Dobby who died defending Harry Potter and Kreacher who had a change of heart do the compassion of Harry Potter .
  27. BEER-----> Me too (3 episodes). Above average. Watch it in 'Sequence'. BELCH
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