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  3. Snow Files of the Week

    Wow, the beginning sure was eerie, but it so mellowed out and he gave us a real nice melody. This is one album I don't have. Thanks Alex. Please post more from it.
  4. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/comedy-icon-jerry-lewis-dies-91/story?id=49323636 Comedy icon Jerry Lewis dies at 91 Iconic comedian and actor Jerry Lewis has died, his publicist confirmed to ABC News. He was 91. “Sadly I can confirm that today the world lost one of the most significant human beings of the 20th century,” his rep Mark Rozzano said. Another representative, Nancy Kane, added, “Jerry Lewis died peacefully surrounded by friends and family at home.” Lewis was born Joseph Levitch on March 19, 1926 in Newark, New Jersey to parents who also loved performing. His father, Daniel Levitch, was a vaudeville entertainer, while his mother, Rachel Levitch, played the piano for a local radio station. A quadruple threat as a wildly successful actor, writer, producer and director, Lewis' career spanned seven decades. His particular brand of rambunctious clowning was often reviled by critics, but it was also hailed as brilliant by some of the biggest names in filmmaking. Woody Allen has referred to Lewis as one of his greatest influences. Steve Martin canonized him in "The Jerk." The late Robin Williams referred to him simply as "Maestro." And Eddie Murphy remade his classic, "The Nutty Professor," which became a box office smash in 1996. From Borscht Belt to Silver Screen Lewis first appeared onstage when he was 5 years old, singing "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" in the Borscht belt of New York's Catskills. His parents, known as Rae and Danny Lewis onstage, were both in show business. It was his father's lifelong, unattained dream to appear on Broadway, a goal he embedded in his son. As a child actor, Lewis developed a lip-synching comedy act. Though he had found moderate success, everything changed on July 25, 1946, when Lewis paired with lounge crooner Dean Martin, then a struggling singer himself. A singer quit last minute when Lewis was performing in Atlantic City and Lewis suggested Dean as a replacement. The two eventually merged their acts and were soon improvising insults and jokes, squirting seltzer water and throwing celery. The comedian became known for being the funny guy beside straight-laced Martin in their nightclub routine and later a radio program. When the two began to appear on television, such as "Toast of the Town," which was later renamed to "The Ed Sullivan Show," in 1948, they received national prominence. This led to a film career for both men, beginning with "My Friend Irma" in 1949 and its sequel, "My Friend Irma Goes West," released a year later. Lewis and Martin, who passed away in 1995, starred together in more than a dozen films throughout the 1950s, including "At War with the Army," "The Caddy" and "Pardners." Lewis Flies Solo -- and Soars After Lewis' career flourished in his duo act with Martin, he began taking on solo projects, from acting and producing, to directing and writing. In 1959, after several successful films, he signed an unprecedented contract with Paramount Pictures for $10 million plus 60 percent of the profits for 14 films over seven years. In 1960, Lewis took six months to write, produce, direct and play two roles in "The Bellboy," a successful and plotless film that consisted of gag after goofy gag. Lewis added professor to his list of roles in 1967 when he started teaching film direction at the University of Southern California. His students included George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. He even made several albums, including "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody," which has sold almost 4 million copies to date. 'King of Comedy' Makes Comeback and Gives Back The 1970s were not a good time for Lewis' career. He made few films, and what he did make floundered. In 1983, Lewis appeared in Martin Scorcese's "The King of Comedy," one of the few respected films he made at that time. Despite this career lull, a battle with an addiction to Percodan, open heart surgery, diabetes and prostate cancer, Lewis persevered. In 1995, he became the highest-paid performer in Broadway history for his smash comeback role as the Devil in "Damn Yankees." While Lewis was always considered a difficult man to work with, he eventually patched up his relationship with Martin, his greatest collaborator. In 1976, 20 years after they broke up their act, Frank Sinatra staged a public reunion, and the two became very close, especially in the years leading up to Martin's death in 1995. Lewis also made a name for himself as a humanitarian, namely thanks to his work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In fact, he served as chairman of the organization until 2011. He was perhaps best known for hosting an annual telethon to raise money for the association. From 1952 to 2010, the association reported he raised more than $2.6 billion. For his charitable work, Lewis earned countless honors. In 1977, he was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. And in 2005, he was honored with the prestigious Governors Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his extensive charity work. He also received lifetime achievement awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2009 and the American Comedy Awards in 1997, and was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Lewis leaves behind his second wife, SanDee Pitnick, and six children, including musician Gary Lewis. His son Joseph died in 2009.
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  6. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Ending", from the IMAX feature "UFO - The Truth Is Here" (2001). Mark's music for this IMAX movie assembles the mood and sounds of his early X-Files music. Dark, ambient drones and mystical soundscapes guide the listener into the world of the unknown. The CD was only available at IMAX theatres in Sweden, where the movie was playing and is now a very hard to find collector's item. Enjoy!
  7. Update on our Elder Viivi

    It's wonderful to know that you are okay Viivi. Thank you Graham for the post, and thank you Viivi for updating us. Love and huggers, D
  8. Update on our Elder Viivi

    Thank you, my dear Graham, truly much appreciated. Yes, it happened right there in my neighbourhood, on the streets and market squares that I walk through daily. Like i said to Graham earlier, it was pure luck i wasn't there when it happened. My brother avoided the incident by 15 minutes. I was getting home from work on Friday when i saw and heard that something was going on on the main market square.The first piece of information was that several people had been stabbed, at least one of them had died, and the perpetrator had been seen running towards another square which is practically next to my home. It was unclear if there were more than one murderers running around, and the police told us to avoid the area. I spent a few hours at a friend's place before the situation was clear and we could walk on the streets again. The police are investigating it as a terrorist attack; two murders, and eight attempted murders. This is a smallish town, but an important one, and the oldest one in Finland. We are proud but friendly and peace-loving people. We did absolutely nothing to deserve this. Be safe, everyone. Much love to all, V. An article in New York Times: Fatal Knife Attack in Finland Is Investigated as Terrorism
  9. Update on our Elder Viivi

    As you may know from recent news events, there has been a truly awful incident in Turku, Finland where women were targeted and stabbed. Our lovely caring friend @Viivi lives in Turku and is thankfully, safe and well. Viivi intends to post something about it herself when she can, so I won't add much more other than it apparently happened right in her neighbourhood where she passes every day. Check out Viivi's bilingual Twitter timeline for her photos and some stunning works of art. You may also like to read Viivi's series of articles relating to the artwork used in Millennium. https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/episodes/article-contributors/viivi
  10. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    I left him a post of best wishes and love from his family here . NEW UPDATE : Joe had his port implanted in his chest . he begins chemo next week . he remains strong and positive . live long and prosper Joe !
  11. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    So sorry for Joe. Thanks for the update, Randee. If you are in touch, please send him our warmest regards as Gotham says and tell him we're thinking about him and missing him. He promised to take me to a baseball game one day if I ever get across to the US, so he must get better as I'm holding him to it!
  12. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Appreciate the update, Walkabout. I'm sure we're all wishing him the very best in what is a difficult situation.
  13. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    UPDATE : Joe has a mass on his liver which is related to his colon cancer . he is having a port put into his chest then he will begin chemo soon . keep Joe and his family in your thoughts and wish him all the best .
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  15. Snow Files of the Week

    As always, Mark Snow's music is a pleasure. Thank you again Alex.
  16. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Prologue/Ride To Roswell/Call To Mulder" from "The X-Files", episode "My Struggle" (2016). Production of the new season, that will hit the screens in 2018, has already begun. As with last year's limited event series, there will only be two episodes evolving around the story arc. The remaining episodes will be stand-alone episodes again. While Mark Snow often used the stand-alone episodes to experiment musically, the story arc episodes had the musical concept pretty much set. The music is minimalistic, with some little musical motifs. This is also true for "My Struggle", the first episode of the limited event series. The music is very percussive with its pulsating rhythms. This concept was further developed by Snow in the final episode of the event series, "My Struggle II". The music from the limited event series was released on a 2CD set by La-La Land Records, limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  17. Meaning of Your Name

    Ok, it's all good fun. Smith, such a common name! Here goes... Interesting, I'd always assumed it was something to do with Blacksmiths, which is the medieval term for metal workers. Join me down at the river for a blood letting ceremony and I'll tell you more.... Are we all sitting comfortably? Good. Then I'll begin... I don't know about any blacksmiths or metal workers in the family, but on my father's side of the family and according to word of mouth, apparently a few generations back (great, great, great grandfather or so), a young lad ran away from school in South Africa after being beaten by his teacher for spilling some ink. He stowed away on a sailing ship and when eventually he was discovered out at sea, they took a liking to him and he became the captain's cabin boy. The story goes that he grew up on the ship and became an apprentice ship's carpenter and learnt his trade. Years later, he came to England and met a nurse, got married and stayed here. Somehow the family came to live in Birmingham. My grandad who is 97, moved from Birmingham to North Wales when my dad and his brother were boys. He was a steam train driver, which was apparently a high paid job back then. He just came home from work one night and told his wife and kids they were all moving to North Wales, and he took a demotion to work on the rail tracks, which apparently was unheard of. One son became a joiner (aka carpenter), the other a long distance lorry (truck) driver. Now both have grand-children. No sign of any metal workers though, as far as I know.
  18. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Thank you Randee, have been thinking about Joe all day. 🤗
  19. Rainbows and Lightning

  20. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Great news Walkabout, thanks for the update.
  21. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    update : his kidney biopsy came back clear for cancer . he still has pain in that area , so Drs are doing more tests. Drs did a liver biopsy . he was expected to come home accompanied by his brother. his spirits remain good and positive . his son Gabe is signed up to play fall baseball .
  22. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Joe, So very sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Liz
  23. Rainbows and Lightning

    I honestly miss Erin so much. So frustrating we never got to say goodbye to her. Every time I see and read her posts, content, articles on the main site etc it breaks my heart. Hope her family are doing okay. We lost one friend too many. Please, no more.
  24. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Absolutely gutted, poor Joe and his family. So caught up in my own problems this year, this really puts things into perspective. Huge hugs Joe, you can do this old friend. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy, strong recovery. X X X
  25. Suddenly Millennium

    A real good copy of this old spoof was posted bby Matt Davis on Vimeo, and I couldn't resist posting it here.
  26. Glen Campbell, 'Rhinestone Cowboy' Singer, Dies At Age 81 News 8 Hours Ago The Associated Press — By KRISTIN M. HALL - Associated Press http://start.att.net/news/read/category/news/article/the_associated_press-glen_campbell_superstar_entertainer_of_1960s_and_7-ap Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, Calif., in 2008
  27. The Miscellaneous Thread

    another icon lost . the great Glen Campbell has past . his songs will live on ..... http://www.imdb.com/news/ni61386273?pf_rd_m=A2FGELUUNOQJNL&pf_rd_p=2540377602&pf_rd_r=0KEY3BXEJ70TRFYTAVBT&pf_rd_s=center-6&pf_rd_t=15061&pf_rd_i=homepage&ref_=hm_nw_tp1
  28. The Miscellaneous Thread

    The new Ta-Ta Towel. At the main site they're $45. and come in S (C-DD), M (DDD-E) & L (F-H). They say it's great for nursing mothers.
  29. (This loss is very personal to me, and I will explain why at the end of this article.) Acclaimed singer and actress Barbara Cook has died at 89 http://www.nydailynews.com/newswires/entertainment/acclaimed-singer-actress-barbara-cook-died-89-article-1.3393769 ~ ~ ~ (I grew up with Barbara musically. My father was a Barbershopper, and my mother was a Sweet Adeline (4-part harmony). As the article states, "The Music Man" was her biggest Broadway hit. There was a barbershop quartet in the movie, The Buffalo Bills, who were friends of my father's, and in the movie they sang a duet with Barbara's character, Marian, the librarian. All the songs in the play are very popular for Barbershop quartets and choruses to this day, but the most popular is, "Lida Rose" and "Will I Ever Tell You. " I sang with my father's quartet, and, also in a school production of "The Music Man." Thank you Barbara for wonderful memories, and the gift of your beautiful voice, that I have, and will always cherish.)
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