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  3. Snow Files of the Week: Suite from "The Substitute Wife" (1994). "The Substitute Wife" is a 1994 TV drama starring Peter Weller, Lea Thompson and Farrah Fawcett. Set in the era of the American Pioneers, the movie tells the story of a farmer's wife who is dying. Because she is afraid that her family falls apart without her and they might lose the farm, she hires a prostitute to take her place. Mark composed a warm-hearted orchestral score, far from gloomy soundscapes, with a slight folk touch. The concise main theme, which was already released on the sampler "The Snow Files", runs through the entire score. Sometimes with an oboe as a solo instrument, sometimes with the piano. The album was released digitally by BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM. Enjoy listening!
  4. Good evening, I get it now! It works again, thank you so much! Now I can visit the site again, read everything and maybe soon write Reviews as I'm having the luck for experiencing this awesome tv Series for the first time, yes, that's right, it's not dead yet, New people discover it more often than I thought. I defenitely want to recommend and have my friends watch The X-Files and Millennium since these Series are so worthy of being watched and - in my opinion- have aged beautifully, New Viewers are eased in smoothly. Anything I can look forward too? Any cool members I should meet? P.S.: I shouldn't have named this Thread "Access denied", it shockes me a bit when I get such a Notification, having forgotten about it. Looking forward!
  5. Hi there, Apologies for that! It was actually not referring to your good self, it was the MariaDB database being rude to Apache, the web server! I normally get 1000 StatusCake alerts if the site is down for more than a few minutes, but technically it was up, so I wasn't aware.
  6. Hello! Actually, the Pilot is full of these little repeating Phrases. For example, first Bletcher states "Frank's a lucky guesser" before Frank reiterates that line to Bletcher. Or the Episode begins with Jordan telling Catherine not to peek. At the end, Frank tells that to Jordan when he gifts her Benny. The Episode is a mirror showing a mirror placed in Front of a mirror showing a mirror placed in Front of a mirror. Just like "The Innocents-Part 1" (which I haven't watched yet, what a bliss to still experience that) I was told to incorporates the theme of Denial into its storytelling, the Pilot seems to posit the Ouroboros inside its heart from the Beginning. Our first contact with it came way back before Morgan and Wong! It just makes the Pilot a bit more of a masterpiece!
  7. Hello! It appears I have a Problem when opening the TIWWA Website. I visited it many Times before but now an Error Warning flaches up, telling me "Acces denied". Is there a regional block for this site now? I hoped creating an Account would help me to solle this issue. Have a nice day everyone and I hope I can stay and contribute a bit in the future!
  8. Snow Files of the Week: "The Game Begins" from the tv movie "Night Sins" (1997). The score to this tv thriller has much in common with Mark's music for "The X-Files" and "MillenniuM". The pieces are glued together by the beautiful main theme, that Mark composed. It has all the ingredients we love about Mark's music. The score was released on CD by BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM, limited to 1000 copies and is still available, also digitally. Enjoy!
  9. Yes they do. The magic of the makeup department?
  10. Anyone watching this? I kind of lost interest and wonder if I should get back to it once Saul's over.
  11. Guess no one's watching it, but 4 episodes in, I'm liking it a lot. Yes, the show takes some indulgences that are sometimes annoying, but the story is intriguing and characters rich. We get some revisiting this season that I'm happy to see again. Maybe the ending will be good. They have no excuses: plenty of time to prepare for a known end date.
  12. Snow Files of the Week: "Suite" from "Pasadena" (2001). "Pasadena" was a very short-lived tv series in which the main character, Lily McAllister, witnesses a suicide and then embarks on an investigation that also leads her into her own wealthy family, the Greeleys. 13 episodes were produced, but after only four episodes the critically acclaimed series was canceled due to poor ratings. As a possible reason it was stated that the series started so soon after the attacks of September 11, 2001 that people probably didn't feel like watching dark and cynical series at first. Mark's music moves in familiar territory. He scored the soap opera crime drama similar to the X-Files. Apart from the main theme, which sounds like music from a music box. Otherwise there are the spherical choirs, the shimmering soundscapes and a few quirky interjections of the main theme, with percussion and pounding beats. The album was released digitally by BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM and is available for download and streaming. Enjoy listening!
  13. Only available digital on the Buysoundtrax page or Spotify.
  14. Snow Files of the Week: "Big Yellow House/Exterminated" from "MillenniuM", episode "Pilot" (1996). When The X-Files went into its fourth season, Chris Carter's second show "MillenniuM" premiered. The first episode of "MillenniuM" gained the highest number of viewers FOX ever had for a pilot, the episode was even shown in selected theatres. The home of the Black family, the big yellow house, is a place of safety for Frank Black. Here he can provide his family with a normal life and keep them away from the dark world outside, at least he thinks he can. If you watch the show closely you will notice, that all the scenes, that play in or around the yellow house, have a certain golden glow, while the scenes in the real world have washed out colours. Mark uses the main theme from "MillenniuM" to create a haunting variation for the introduction of the yellow house. His soft and moody string pads, combined with the solo violin, create a place of peace, but also underlines the darkness waiting outside. The tracks are taken from the first volume of music from "MillenniuM", released by La-La Land Records. It was released in 2008 and sold out shortly after. In 2015, the volume was re-issued, limited to 1.000 copies. Enjoy!
  15. Snow Files of the Week: "Overlooking Tradition/The Challenge/Chain Gang" from "Harsh Realm" (1999). The short-lived Chris Carter show of course also had a musical score by Mark Snow. His approach was more industrial than on the other Carter shows "The X-Files" and "MillenniuM". But nevertheless he wrote some very haunting tunes for that show, too. The score was released on CD by La-La-Land Records, paired with Mark's music for the "X-Files" spin-off "The Lone Gunmen". The CD is sold out! Enjoy!
  16. This is a great idea. I'm currently finishing up the 3rd season again, so I don't want to compile my own version of the mini series quite yet, but I would say for Season One I would add "Force Majeure." Without it, the shift to season 2 would be even more abrupt than it was when the series ran in its entirety. I also loved how you included "The Judge," one of my favorite episodes.
  17. Snow Files of the Week: "Ice Cubes/Dan to the Rescue/Hit and Run/No One Ever Leaves Me/Victoria's Madness" from the tv movie "Seduced and Betrayed" (1995). In the early 90's BASIC INSTINCT hit the theatres and became almost immediately a modern classic. It was a huge comeback for erotic thrillers and in the years that followed many movies wanted to be like it. This is also true for the music, composed by the great Jerry Goldsmith, that influenced the thriller genre for years to come. When SEDUCED AND BETRAYED came around in 1995, it more or less tried to imitate the sexual undertones. And it is pretty obvious that Jerry Goldsmith's score was used as a temp track, before Mark began working on the movie. His main theme is pretty much a slightly different arrangement of Goldsmith's theme. But for the rest of the movie Mark came up with his more mellow and harmonic style. The main theme was featured on the sampler "The Snow Files". The score was released, paired with CAROLINE AT MIDNIGHT, on "The Mark Snow Collection Vol.2" by Dragon's Domain Records. The CD is limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!
  18. I agree. Peter was definitely torn in his loyalties, and it probably was a mix of the difficulty of clarifying what occurred in one episode as well as the shift in writers. Just struck me as odd, "Not much. Not yet," like the MG did kill Catherine and Peter was aware, or at least that the virus was deliberately spread by the MG. It makes me wonder what the group had on Peter. I think it would have been awesome if at some point they showed us what transpired between Peter and the MG soldiers on the night Lara went insane. Where was he taken? What did the MG tell him or how did it threaten him?
  19. I agree. I liked it, though it aged better than it premiered for me. MM was one of only a few shows that could get away with these tonal shifts and it served it well, I thought. You could go from dark, to broody, to thoughtful, to mysterious, to humorous, to campy in a season and it almost always worked. Can't think of any show that does that today, but X-Files did it, too, back then, and it seemed to be a signature Chris Carter TV treatment. I loved Mikado. One of my favorite episodes. Met all the conventions for the genre and was new and scary for the times.
  20. Frank always thought Peter was a "true believer" with respect to the MG, who he did not trust, thought was a cult, and believed was responsible for Catherine's death. But while Peter was enamored w/MG, he wasn't a bad guy (though could've become one I think) and didn't wish ill on Frank at all. He was torn in his loyalties, as I saw it, and did eventually come to have some insight into MG that he hadn't before. Haven't watched it in years, though, so I'm just responding from memory. "The Time..." was a major cliffhanger episode, so it wouldn't have all been clarified in S3E1 though I doubt the writers had it all figured out either. There were a lot of changes in writers and direction of the show between the two seasons, as you no doubt know.
  21. I really liked The Lone Gunmen. It was quirky, clever, and most importantly, fun. It was never really appreciated IMO, nor was Harsh Realm, which I also really liked. Thanks for remembering it.
  22. Snow Files of the Week: "El Lobo/Sling Blade" from "The Lone Gunmen". This short-lived X-Files-spin-off focused more on humour. Mark's music also has a brighter touch to it, with sometimes even James-Bond-like spy music. The cliffhanger of the show was resolved in the ninth season of THE X-FILES, with the episode "Jump the shark". Mark's music was released, limited to 2000 copies, by La-La-Land Records. The album also has music from the fourth Chris-Carter-show, HARSH REALM, on it. The album is sold out. Enjoy!
  23. While I'm not surprised that a lot of folks don't like the episode (and that's not a knock), I enjoy "...13 Years Later." There isn't a Halloween episode fathomable that could follow up something as brilliant and as well done as "The Curse of Frank Black," especially in light of the events that transpired at the end of Season 2, so we should just stop right there and not even try to compare the two. "...13 Years Later" is the kind of episode you watch while eating king size candy bars and salty popcorn, all washed down in a gluttonous fashion by your favorite carbonated beverage. It's a funny parody about the humor, ridiculousness, shock, fright and enjoyment we, as horror fans, get out of the genre. I think it's interesting how Michael Perry followed up something like "The Mikado" with a goofier, Darin Morgan-like episode. It's a good, not great, entry, but a worthy addition to the series, and I have to say, even though I wouldn't consider myself a KISS fan, I'm digging the heavy guitar strings and the song they played. "Welcome to the show!" Came across this behind the scenes video a week ago. In the interest of time, Lance is interviewed about 20 minutes in:
  24. I agree. I actually don't find her dull. Her life experiences have shaped her personality, and everyone's personality is shaped differently. I see Emma as a strong woman with a tragic past. Slamming the car into the overhead support column was brave, and seemed to me to be a way of Emma taking back control; a sharp contrast against the little girl standing in the doorway, understandably, afraid to death of the man who had murdered her sister. "Closure" is a solid episode. However, if I were to find it a position among 67 Millennium episodes, it's a bottom of mid-tier entry.
  25. It's a solid flick: pretty good, not great. Definitely a worthy addition to Lance's catalog, and love that he's a hero, rather than a villain. Watched it on Netflix a few years ago, then recently bought it on DVD.
  26. There's been a lot of discussion about Peter's character arc throughout the years, but after recently finishing Season 2 again, gaining new insights, then beginning Season 3, it struck me that Peter's behavior is unexplained as it relates to the "The Time is Now" to "Exegesis" (his first appearance in Season 3). Toward the end of "The Time..." Peter has finally agreed with Frank that the MG really cares about control more than anything else, and so at Frank's urging, Peter goes to apparently rescue Lara Means. He's of course stopped by some MG soldiers in suits, and then there's the mysterious phone call to Frank where we here a distraught Peter yell, "Frank," and then we're left wondering what exactly went down as car doors are slammed shut. Which takes us to "Exegesis." While it's plausible that Frank is pissed and distrustful of Peter and believes the MG killed Catherine, there's no explanation as to what happened that night outside of the cabin where Lara had gone insane. Was Peter once again convinced by the MG that they were a force for good? Was his family threatened? After meeting with Frank outside of Jordan's new school, he returns to the car with Mabius in the backseat who asks "What does he know?", to which Peter responds, "Not much. Not yet." Curious what everyone thinks about this. Is it a case of yet another classic hole in the plot and storyline, or something else?
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