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  3. Is anyone looking forward to seeing Dune? It's said you should see it on the biggest screen possible. I wonder if it might help get people back in theaters (?) Anyway, if you see it, please comment on it. I'd be interested to know pppl's opinions.
  4. I thought Better Call Saul was finishing up this year in 2021. Did I miss something? I know Bob Odenkirk had a heart attack scare, but heard he was back on set pretty quick.
  5. Watch 'Saul' all the time Last season coming up next year. 'Nobody' was great. Hope they do another one.
  6. Public holiday in England, Wales, Northern Ireland
  7. Public holiday in England, Wales, Northern Ireland
  8. Public holiday in England, Wales, Northern Ireland
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  10. Symbols are significate to ID occultist, like I said they put it in your face! Ouroboros
  11. When you know who you are ,you know the truth and can see the lie, same players different names been going on for 5,000 + yrs, so, if u say your ignorant [lmao] to events all over the world, can't see what's in your face everyday, don't know satanic, wicca, mason, illuminati, Vatican, Bilderberg group, 13 families, CDC, WHO, Pizza Pedophile Pizza, Adrenochrome, torture, rape, skinned alive, drain & drink blood, eat kids CPS deep state signs, symbols & how they communicate most likely will be the 1st causalities and/or locked up in fema-walmart death camps[ CDC BONUS for detainees jab up to slave up or chop it up with Mr. Guillotine wtf ! yes CDC bought 30,000 from hold on this will spin your wig "Chanel " the fragrance company Bottom Line People Wake Up! It's all about your SOUL If u don't Know your Adversary game over! Stay Vigilant REPENT DAILY
  12. I guess the stereotyping could also be construed as the show being a bit dated by today's standards. What we consider stereotyping today was probably rather groundbreaking at the time (90s--last century!) given LGBTQ wasn't even an acronym and the subject matter still fairly taboo. All in the eyes of the beholder, I think.
  13. The Selfosopist episode was absolutely one of my favorites. For such a dark show, MM could deliver some great humor when certain writers wanted to do it! Anyway, seesthru, I didn't make that connection w/BCS, so thanks. When the show comes back, I'll look for him as he's coming back according to the press.
  14. Most of those are way too messy. A garotte, or an overdose of morphine. Or the drowning one. Cleaner corpse
  15. Giebelhouse was the realest of the real of Millennium Characters.
  16. The actor that played Joseph P Ratfinkovitc,h the selfosophist found dead in "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense" is on that show, too. Patrick Fabian.
  17. It was an okay episode. I never thought about the relationships like that, beyond the storyline. I did think one thing, how stereotypical they made some of the gay characters, like Beebe from "Beware of The Dog" and the lesbian couple that found the body in "The Judge", and yes, the "In Arcadia Ego", the one woman being overweight masculine. I never thought at all about the Frenchman in the Pilot episode, beyond how utterly tortured he was to go so far over the edge in his thinking.
  18. Snow Files of the Week: "No place like home / Silo" from "The X-Files", episodes "Triangle" and "Apocrypha" (1996-1998). Here we hear two sides of Snow's X-Files music. "No place like home" is another wonderful piano theme that grows out of the X-Files theme. In "Silo", mysterious soundscapes and driving action come into play again. These tracks are also from the fourth set by La-La Land Records, which is limited to 2,000 copies. Enjoy listening!
  19. Snow Files of the Week: "Only way to escape / Lamp / Chimera Man / Fix it for good" from "The X-Files", episodes "Talitha Cumi", "Gethsemane" and "Redux II" (1995-1998). A colorful mix of different episodes, but all of which contain what we love about Mark's music: the gentle, calm piano passages, mystery themes, eerie soundscapes and melancholy strings. The tracks are from the fourth set by La-La Land Records, which is limited to 2,000 copies. Enjoy listening!
  20. Snow Files of the Week: "M. Magdalene/Divine Daughter" from "MillenniuM", episode "Anamnesis" (1998). This is one of the two episodes in the entire series, where Frank Black takes a step back and leaves the stage for his wife Catherine. She teams up with Lara Means to investigate the possibility that a schoolgirl experiencing visions may be biologically descended from Jesus Christ. Mark's music fits the religious tone of the episode. There is a soft piano theme for the schoolgirl and etheral choir work to accompany her visions. Also, the sampled flute sound from the episode "Luminary" returns in this score. The tracks are taken from the second volume of MillenniuM music from La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 2.000 copies. The CD is sold out. Enjoy!
  21. Just read it--good article. Neo-gothic sums it up, though unlike the writer, I wasn't "frustrated" by the characters in In Arcadia Ego dying at the end. There's that inevitability for so many characters in MM, but in this case, made the story that much more poignant. Thin White Line was a Morgan and Wong episode, and I usually liked theirs the most, but I just don't remember it, but it HAS been 25 years, right?🤔
  22. I remember In Arcadia Ego as a favorite. It was done thoughtfully and artfully. The Thin White Line I'll have to refresh my recollection about. Do look forward to reading the article. Thanks for posting, Old Man.
  23. Snow Files of the Week: "Origins / Base Camp", from "The X-Files", episode "Firewalker" (1994). Scientist Dr. Pierce monitors the transmission of the research robot "Firewalker", which is supposed to document volcanic activities in Mount Avalon. During the transmission, Dr. Pierce discovers the corpse of the research director Erickson in the images. And a shadow that appears to be moving there, which, due to the high temperatures, would be fatal to any living being, before the robot's camera is destroyed. Mulder and Scully are put on the case, and Mulder soon discovers that the scientists have apparently found an organism in the depths of Mount Avalon. Mark weaves the title theme into the track "Origins", while "Base Camp" is a spherical piece of music reminiscent of the 80s. Both tracks come from the fourth set by La-La Land Records, which is limited to 2,000 copies. Enjoy listening!
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