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Millennium Sound Files

Sounds and audio files inspired by Chris Carter's Millennium television series. You are welcome to upload your own Millennium related audio files to share.

12 files

  1. A collection of updated recordings of the various Millennium Group computer vocal pass phrases or ID's, spoken by Millennium Group members.
    For convenience, the zipped file archive contains both MP3 (192kbs) and .wav versions of each sound file.
    Lara Means - "Open the pod bay doors please Hal."
    Version 1 - From the episode Goodbye Charlie.
    Version 2 - From the episode Owls.
    Peter Watts - "My god, it's full of stars."
    From the episode Goodbye To All That.
    Frank Black - "Soylent Green is people."
    Version 1 - From the episode The Beginning and the End.
    Version 2 - From the episode Beware of the Dog.
    Version 3 - From the episode The Fourth Horseman.
    Version 4 - From the episode Luminary.
    Version 5 - From the episode Luminary.
    Version 6 - From the episode Roosters.
    Version 7 - From the episode Sense and Antisense.
    The Old Man - "The Time is Near."
    From the episode The Time is Now.
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  2. Ghost Dance - (A Single Blade of Grass)
    During a scene from the Millennium episode A Single Blade Of Grass written by writing-partners Erin Maher and Kay Reindl, Floyd "Redcrow" Westerman reads a direct extract from the Messiah Letter, during a re-enactment of 'The Ghost Dance.'
    This second season episode of Millennium dealt with the 'millenniumistic' prophecy of the birth of the Fifth World and elimination of the White Man.
    The real-life background and inspiration for this episode was James Mooney, a 19th century ethnologist with the Bureau of American Ethnology, was sent to investigate the 'Ghost Dance' movement in 1891. The Ghost Dance (Nanissáanah in Native American Caddo, the traditional language of the Caddo Nation), also known as the Ghost Dance of 1890, was a new religious movement being incorporated into numerous American Indian belief systems. 
    According to the teachings of the Northern Paiute spiritual leader Wovoka, proper practice of the dance would reunite the living with spirits of the dead, bring the spirits of the dead to fight on their behalf, make the white colonists leave, and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to Indian peoples throughout the region.
    Ethnologist James Mooney obtained a copy of Wovoka's message from a Cheyenne named Black Short Nose, who had been part of a joint Cheyenne-Arapaho delegation that visited Wovoka in Nevada, in August 1891. Wovoka (also known as Jack Wilson) delivered his message orally, and it was transcribed by a member of the group who had attended Carlisle Indian School. Mooney renders the "Carlisle English" of this transcription in a more grammatical form.
    Learn more:
    Wikipedia entry on the Ghost Dance
    Full version of Wovoka's Message: The Promise of the Ghost Dance
    Ghost Dance
    The ghost-dance religion and the Sioux outbreak of 1890 : Mooney, James, 1861-1921 : Free Download
    The Indian Ghost Dance and War
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  3. Life of a Comet by Frank Black (The Beginning and the End)
    At the start of Millennium's second season, The Beginning and the End opens with a montage of images from outer space, the life of a comet. The same comet appears in the night sky Frank Black is staring into, causing him to contemplate his own destiny and the relevance of the celestial body. In his monologue narrated by Lance Henriksen, protagonist Frank is considering the 'life' of a comet and its analogous relationship to our own existence.
    Referring to his immediate state, Frank asks, "Is this the beginning or the end?"
    Is it the beginning of the journey or the end when Frank allows his vengeance for the Polaroid stalker to push him over the edge in a relentless search for Catherine? The Millennium Group pulls Frank more deeply into its secretive ranks in an effort to bring closure to the abduction case with the knowledge that his work for them is not yet done.
    This download consists of the narration Life Of A Comet (1m 53s), available in 2 formats: mp3 and wma.
    Image sequence from the Life Of A Comet scene:
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  4. The sound of booming drums would often be the first identification of Chris Carter's Millennium television series, accompanying the bright white fading Polaroid effect when introducing a new scene. In fact the accompanying booklet to the 2008 release of the limited edition Millennium soundtrack by Mark Snow specifically mentions the drums:

    Presented in this download are versions of both the double and single hit Millennium drums. These are not the exact same drums as in the series; you can read more about their origin in this news article from way back in 2001! You can download them in standard Windows .wav format and also in three different bitrate versions of MP3, depending upon your your application. For example, you may wish to use the MP3 format as an SMS Text Message alert, or an app notification.
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  5. Frank, What the hell is going on here"
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  6. Voice overs imposed over theme.
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  7. 2 thumps. Neat to use as a default error sound on windows. Even better, use the "what the hell" one.
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  8. Frank, "Its my gift"
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  9. Frank, "Nothing here to indicate"
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  10. Catherine, "Did you ever have a secret"
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  11. The fantastic winning entry of our amazing Christmas 2010 short story competition, Star of Wonder by James P. Davies, read aloud by the presiding judge, Sarah-Jane Redmond (Millennium's Lucy Butler).
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  12. Short snippet of music from Omerta. Has some non-music sounds but its quite lovely.
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