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Download Terms

Your file is ready for download. Before downloading, you must agree to the following terms:

Thank you for your interest, please enjoy your download!

Here's the rather boring but necessary small print!

Please note that as with all files, software or websites available on the Internet, general care and caution should be taken.

  • Our file manager facility contains files uploaded by third-parties as well as site staff.
  • We at millennium-thisiswhoweare.net (M-TIWWA.net) provide the file manager as a convenience to our members and site visitors.
  • M-TIWWA.net makes no warranty or claim to the fitness of the files downloaded from the files downloaded.
  • Please understand that some files like screensavers are very old and are preserved for posterity, don't expect them to work on the latest operating systems without at least some work.
  • Files may or may not be supported, please read the description and notes carefully, we have support forums available or please ask for advice, if you have any concerns.
  • Files may or may not work for a particular or future version of your device or computer's operating software, may have potential flaws, and may not work as intended/advertised.
  • All of our files are checked for known malware but no guarantee is inferred.

By downloading our files, you agree and accept:

  • Not to edit, change, manipulate, modify or redistribute to other websites, third parties or file hosting/sharing services without prior consent, or in contravention under any included licensing terms and conditions unless it is clearly stated otherwise in the file description, documentation or permitted under Creative Commons licence where used etc.
  • Files are made available in good faith and whilst we will endeavour to provide assistance should you be experiencing a problem, please note that our site staff are however not responsible for providing support for any third party software, programs, operating systems, applications or files uploaded or installed by third parties (e.g. our community members).
  • Similarly we are not responsible for any damage or disruption caused by the use or improper use of any file, program, application or software.

Thank you!

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