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Welcome to our Support Forum!

A few suggestions and tips!

  • Please remember to ensure that your browser, browser plug-ins, apps, and operating system or device is up to date! If you disable cookies, aspects of the site won't function correctly.
  • Try logging out and then back in. as It clears your session cookie.
  • Rebooting your computer/device fixes a lot of issues, always worth a try!
  • Files get cached in several places so sometimes, especially after we update our website or apply patches. If the updated file name haven't changed, it may be necessary to refresh your browser's cache to ensure your browser isn't using any out of date files. (In Windows this is usually done by pressing F5 whilst holding down the CTRL key at the same time) to force your browser to download the full page completely, in order to get the latest files that make up the page. 
  • If you are using an Adblocker, please consider disabling it for our website (in the Adblocker's settings) as it may prevent our site from working properly.

Next steps...

  • To report content of concern or spam, please use the available Report tools. This logs an issue, creates an audit trail, and Moderator and Admin staff are immediately notified.
  • For account or private matters, please contact an Admin via Personal Message.
  • For anything else, please ask here if you can't find an answer. You can rate answers, upvote or downvote answers, and mark your question as answered with the best solution. 
  • Users can ask questions that other users can post answers to. Answers can then be rated by other users and the highest rated answers are shown first.

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