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Millennium Season One Discussion


"Wait ... worry ... who cares?"

Discussion on specific Millennium Season 1 episodes relating to their content, mytharcs, popularity, seasonal cast or production crew.

Millennium is without a doubt one of the most powerful and unique drama series of all time. Season One contained 22 episodes exploring the darkest depths of the human soul and the most sickening aspects of the human mind.

Season 1 introduced us to Frank Black and terrifying serial killers such as Richard Alan Hance, characters such as The JudgeThe Polaroid Stalker and evil personified Lucy Butler. Season One waited until almost half way through its season to address the forthcoming Millennium, but quickly introduced the fascinating mythology of 'Legion', a fan-coined term which describes the cohesive, sociological and theoretical conception that there is a controlling supernatural range of Millennium's most evil characters behind their instruments and manifestations within the physical world, perhaps even working for Satan himself. The Legion mytharc suggests that these characters are seemingly interconnected and that evil is gathering pace, becoming more aggressively determined in the lead up to the approaching Millennium event.

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