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Millennium Fan Fiction, Millennium Fan Poetry & Millennium Fan Songs

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Post & discuss Millennium fan fiction, Millennium fan poetry and Millennium fan songs. Discuss & review previously written fan fiction, exchange ideas for future stories, poems and songs. Make requests or present challenges for desired story scenarios and arcs, poems or songs. CO (crossover) and AU (alternate universe) stories are welcomed.

MillenniuM Fan Fiction: Fan Poetry Guidelines and Requirements.

Millennium Fan Fiction & Fan Poetry Guidelines and

"His Profession might be dictitorial in nature, complete control over his underlings - a management executive or a foreman... or maybe, a WRITER."

-Frank Black profiling in "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense"-

This is a forum for the posting and discussion of Millennium fan fiction.

You are welcome to post story or poetry that involves characters or situations from the television show MillenniuM. Also, poetry that deals with millenniumistic themes and topics are also welcomed here. It is okay to post comments, reviews, or discussion regarding the fiction & poetry posted here.

However, there are some very important guidelines and requirements for posting in this forum, so please read the G&Rs carefully before posting here.

1. Practical Suggestions for Posting a Story:

Type your story or poem first on your own word processing program. This will allow you to edit and spell check your work before posting. Then, save it as a plain text file, or a file with the extension .txt after the filename. Then use the "copy" and "paste" commands to put your work into the text
field provided when you click on the "New Topic" button.

2. Lengthy Stories or Poems:

If your work is very long, I strongly suggest breaking it into smaller parts. There are several ways to do this. You could break the story or poem up into sections similar to "chapters" or "parts" - Chatper 1, Chapter 2... or Part I... Part II. Or you could give them a subtitle, etc.

It will be very simple to post your story or poem in this manner, as discussion/feeback of your work are to be done in a separate thread from your story or poem. Therefore, you will be able to post successive parts of your work as a "reply" in the work's original thread (this will be explained
later on).

Be kind to your fellow Group members and don't overwhelm them with a huge masterpiece without some sort of "breaks" or "sectioning" of the story or poem. End of section labels ("end part one") are also helpful.

3. Another formatting note:

Putting blank spaces (aka skipping lines, aka hitting the "enter" key twice) at the end of every paragraph or Stanza will make your work much more readable. Sometimes the tab character gets lost (this seems to happen quite often with MS Word), so if that's your only indicator of paragraph breaks
your story or poem can become very messy very quickly.

4. Separtion of Stories/Poems and Feedback

Discussion, review, comments, or feeback of your work are to be conducted in a topic thread separate from your stories or poems, by creating a new topic thread.

The reason for this guideline is to allow you to post successive parts of your own stories or poems as a "reply" to the first part of your work. This will allow for format continuity and will alert readers that a new part has been added to you story or poem.

VERY IMPORTANT: Reviews, comments or discussion that is posted in the same thread as the story or poem WILL BE DELETED, even if such discussion is posted by the author of the work. The only purpose of a "Reply" within the same topic as the fan story or poem is to post a subsequent part to that story or poem.

4A. Stories or Poems with Differing Subsequent Authors:

Fan authors will sometimes post "starter" or "challenge" stories or poems. These are works where the one author writes the first "Part" of the story or poem, and welcomes someone else to write next part or parts, or to even finish the story or poem.

If a fan author wishes to do this, it should be indicated in the Story Heading (explained below), if it is fan fiction, or above/below the poem, if it is fan poetry.

For these situations, it is permitted someone else besides the original author to post a subsequent part or chapter to the fan work. In fact, there may be multiple authors in this manner. The only stipulations are that it is requested by the original author, AND that the subsequent postings are works of fan fiction or fan poetry.

5. Use of Topic Title and Topic Description Fields:

Please use the "Topic Title" field for presenting your story or poem title, and the Part/Chapter/Section/Subtitle. For presenting the Part/Chapter/Section/Subtitle, please use a format similar to the following: "Part 1 of 3", "1/3", "Part 1 of ?", "1/?", Chapter 1, etc.

Use the "Topic Description" for indicating your story "Rating" (ie, PG-13, R, NC17, etc). Story rating requirements will be explained later in the G&Rs.

6. Story Headings:

Please be helpful to readers and archivists alike by including a story heading section at the top of the body/text of your stories and story parts.

Suggested headings include: a title line, genre line (ie, A MillenniuM Story), author line, rating line, summary line, archive: "Yes or No" line, feeback "Y or N"/Public or Private line, and a disclaimer line. Each of these lines are explained in guideline that immediately follow.

7. Heading - Title, Author, Genre:

This is pretty self explanatory. Please present them as part of your story heading.

8. Heading - Rating, & Required Rating Labels:

The MillenniuM Fan Fiction Forum is open to readers of all ages. This forum allows any story rating and subject matter up to and including the fan fiction equivalent of NC17.

A rating of some sort is required on ALL stories posted here. This forum uses the American movie and television rating systems. Please use the system appropriate to the subject matter and situations in your stories. If you are writing an NC17 story, please clearly label it as such.

The story rating must be included in "Topic Description" field as well as in
the story heading.

9. Heading - Story Summary:

It is helpful to readers to include a summary line in the story heading. Perhaps even just a sentence or 2 to give the reading an idea of what the story is about. This is the fan fiction equivalent of an episode advertizement for on TV.

9. Heading - Archiving:

No arrangements for archiving fan fiction or fan poetry posted here have been made as yet. When such arrangements have been made, notification will be posted to this forum.

However, to save the (as yet unnamed) future archivist trouble, a line in the story heading stating "Archive: Yes" or "Archive: No" is also a good idea. Or, in the case of fan poetry, please include at least this one line above or below your poem to indicate if you want it to be archived.

Please be aware that IkonBoard also archives all posts.

10. Heading - Feedback:

Public feedback is permitted, even encouraged in this forum. However, both you and the author may be more comfortable if you send constructive criticism (negative feedback) by private e-mail.

So, we suggested indicating your preference in a heading line stating "Feedback: Yes" or "No"; and/or "Feedback: Public" or "Private".

11. Heading - Disclaimer:

It is extremely important that you include somekind of disclaimer in your story heading to the effect of: "The characters and situations depicted in this story are the property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, et al. No copyright infringement is intended."

~An Example of a Story Heading~

"Unconscious Lucidity" Part 1 of ?

A MillenniuM story

By Selfosophy Psycho

Rated PG-13

"Frank and Geibelhouse investigate strange occurances at the Center for the Study of Conscious Dreaming at a university in Seattle."

Archive: Yes. Feedback: Public.

The characters and situations depicted in this story are the property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

(by the way, this is an actually story that is in the works...)

12. Inspiration & Creative Exchange:

If you are inspired by someone else's story or poem and want to write a sequel or use their characters or ideas, please get their permission via private email before posting your story. Using someone's characters or plot without their permission skims pretty close to plagiarism. (I realize this
statement may see a bit ironic, condersidering that this is basically what fan fiction is. I think the difference is in that we are a community and are to a certain extent aquainted with each other. We also are not broadcasting our stories to a large audience as in the case of a television program, nor
are we getting paid large sums of money for the things we write.)

13. Wrap-up:

Anyone who abuses this forum will be subject to banning according the general message board rules of TIWWA. We don't ever want to have to do that, but will if necessary.

Feel free to e-mail me privately with any questions or concerns you may have at any time.

These forum Guidelines and Requirements were written by Selfosophy Psycho (AKA Scott). Elements of the G&Rs were modeled after or inspired by the FAQs for the Yahoo!Groups email list HRfic, a list for posting Harsh Realm fan fiction, which was written my Megan Rielly. I have utilized elements of
HRfic's FAQs with her permission. HRfic's FAQs were modeled after the alt.tv.x-files.creative newsgroup.


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