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Benny wasn't in the show for very long. But he was probably the cutest recurring character.
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I read Benny got to be a bit too hard to handle, that's why  they took him out of the show.   I figure people would rationalize that when Catherine moved into her friend's house, they had to re-home Benny.  

I'm reminded of Benny almost daily, as a neighbor has the same breed of dog.  That dog always runs the length of the fence barking at me as I walk by.  Years have not tempered his desire to  be a diligent guardian for his humans.   I  my head I have named him Benny.

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Didn't Jordan get another furry pet at some point?  A cat or a rabbit? Anywho, it's  a shame they ditched the dog idea. It's pure Americana!

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She got a parakeet ( budgie)  I knew he was a goner when she said she named him Kenny.  He lasted  1 episode... the second to last episode in season 2.  The earthquake happened and Kenny was dead. The last episode in Season 2 begins with the Black family  at Kenny's little grave  saying goodbye. ( The time is Now)

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You're going to love this.  I sent Walkabout a small stuffed horse, and she named it Benny.

I too missed Benny through the series.  He was no longer on the show after the episode "Beware of the Dog."  It has never been addressed that I know of, and their have been multiple threads on the subject.   In a previous post seesthru stated that the dog playing Benny was "acting out' and also said that "boarder collies are high energy, working dogs, and need lots of running room. I'm not surprised he didn't work out.  Acting out usually means behaving in an unacceptable way. He was getting aggressive, and not listening to his trainer etc."

Naturally, my favorite is the family dog in "Wide Open" who got the bad guy.

Yee ha.


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Border Collies are bred for herding, constantly moving, guarding the herd.  They are very energetic normally,  and  need to be given "work"  to do.    The dog that played Benny probably wasn't given the proper amount of exercise, and became unruly.   I had read somewhere he acted out, got aggressive, so they  simply dropped his appearances.

It could also be that  in changing the whole direction of the show, etc, that  they actually forgot to write him in... Who knows?  

There is a "Benny"   around the corner from me.  A Border Collie.   It's been there for years, and will not stop barking incessantly at everyone who walks by.  I walk by almost daily, and it barks from one end of the yard to the other. That whole street is full of barking dogs...  I actually call that dog Benny, LOL!   Once it got out, and I figured I'd be attacked, but He or she didn't attack, just barked.  I feel bad for the dog, for all those dogs on what I call "dog street"    They do what is in their nature , but they also do it out of a lack of anything else TO do.  

Maybe Benny the dog  needed more than just a scene here and there, maybe he needed full time work.

I realize as I type this, that Benny the Dog has left this earth..   It's been  what, 22 years since he appeared on Millennium? Kind of sad to think.

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