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Frank & The Deluge by Francis Danby
Credit Frank Black Jr. & Francis Danby

Frank & The Deluge by Francis Danby

I did this for Lance´s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The painting is from Francis Danby. It is called "The Deluge".


Frank Black Jr. & Francis Danby
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I personally feel that what makes it so absolutely fantastic is the position Frank is in, in deep thought and quiet meditation.  Just perfect when you see that exact opposite in the artwork, total chaos and evil, yet with rays of light in the background.  Oh my.

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In the original photo, Lance was listening to I guess who must have been the director (on the right side of the photo). That´s why he looks so concentrated. So that was perfect.
I wanted a reflexive, mature, wiser Frank. That is how I imagine him today.
That was also the idea of that little act that I wrote in the The Miscellaneous Thread , (that now Frank is in the MG as an "Elder").


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Wow, I just have never pictured Frank as an Elder in the group.  Guess it is possible depending upon the group.

Yes, I agree, the image is perfect.

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