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    (Spoiler alert) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_(TV_series) DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) is an obsessed and sometimes violent police detective who doesn't always do things by the books as he investigates serial murders while entangling himself with crime figures and a beautiful pyschopathic murderer woman Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) who becomes obsessed with Luther. There has been 20 episodes over five different season/ series with the fifth season leaving a cliffhanger and bringing the show full circle. It is a dark crime thriller written and created by Neil Cross. It delves into the same gritty dark areas that Criminal Minds and Millennium get into. John Luther often leaves his superiors in the dark and gets his partners involved with the bending of the law while working the case. Luther is brilliantly played by Idris Elba and I hope a sixth season is getting made soon (instead of a feature film that Cross and Elba want to make (where they tried to get a prequel film together years ago after the first three seasons aired).
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    I agree, "Goodbye To All That" really did give us closure, especially with this last scene of them driving away. We really didn't need any other closure, especially some hideous FBI zombies.
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    I hope that this last one goes well and that all yoru numbers get back to where they should be!
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    That was so nice to hear again. Thanks again Alex.
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    For sure I am going to watch at least season 1 of Luther, and check out The Wire. Never saw it either. Just read that it's another TV series (2002-08), and missed it since it aired on HBO, that I don't have. May not because it's about drugs and cops, not my favorite subjects. Give me mysteries, profiling, true stories, and SciFi. Not impressed with modern comedy, rather watch the older stuff, for example, Robin Williams in RV. That movie was hysterical, or Christmas Vacation. Randy Quaid owned that movie. And the list goes on.......
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    Last night I watched the second and third episodes, the third was definitely MillenniumisticTM !
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    Yes I did and there is a MLM connection: I watched it based on the recommendation of Lance Henriksen... He posted on facebook that Idris Elba was an awesome actor and the show was one to watch.
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    Actually I watched Luther for the first time 2 nights ago! What a coincidence! I found they had the first season on iplayer so I was able to start at the beginning. Idris Elba was an excellent actor in the The Wire, I thought he was good in this too, but the writer let him down. I guessed the killer within minutes, and about 3 other plot points in no time, so I hope it gets better! I'm usually hopeless with mysteries, especially Midsomer Murders.
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    That's BBC for you with small episode runs for seasons and years between seasons while people work on other projects
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    Idris Elba is an awesome actor, and bet this is a good show. I haven't watched it and barely remember hearing about it. Definitely may check it out now that it's been brought to my attention again. Sure looks intense. Wow, starting season 5 this year and I haven't seen one previous episode. What's weird is they skipped 4 years between season 4 and 5, and how few episodes in each. Series Eps First Aired Last Aired 1 6 4 May 2010 8 June 2010 2 4 14 June 2011 5 July 2011 3 4 2 July 2013 23 July 2013 4 2 15 Dec 2015 22 Dec 2015 5 4 1 Jan 2019 4 Jan 2019 Thanks David for the heads up.
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    I don't think there's anything that Mark has created that I don't like. As always, thank you Alex.
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    Cameron would have directed a third Terminator back in the 90s if he was able to buy the other 50 percent, but he is making it now as a producer because all of the rights to Terminator went back to him recently
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    The only way Millennium would come to blu-ray if Disney licenses it out to another company to release it on blu-ray and Disney will probably be looking for ways to get returns on the $52 billion they spent to acquire 20th Century Fox, FX, FXM, FXX, 30 percent stake in Hulu which adds to the 30% that Disney have which makes Disney major shareholder in Hulu. Hopefully it is a label like Shout Factory or Kino Lorber (and not Mill Creek Entertainment) because you might extras for the show like a retrospective featurette or two and maybe the FOX TV spots
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    Maybe Jim and Linda are still pissed off at each other.
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    Again, I thrills me to say I am a proud owner of this album. Thanks Alex.
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    Now James Cameron is working on getting the CGI done for Avatar 2 and 3 done since live-action and motion capture work is done. Going back on-topic, I think they will drop a trailer for the new movie soon (maybe we will get lucky and they will drop it during the super Bowl). They have been shooting in and and around Budapest, Hungary.
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    It's limited to 500 copies, and I am proud to say I have a signed copy. It's my only signed one. Was listening to it in the car the past 2 days. Love it. Again, thanks for the post Alex.
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    New bridge image. Not stepping on this one either.
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    Go Joe! You are doing awesome, and it will be a better year for you! Shake it, Joe! You got this!
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    As always, thank you Alex.
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    Wonderful news. Definitely sending positive energy, love and prayers.
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    CSM is perhaps the villain I've loved to watch most on TV. William B. Davis did such a good job with what was originally such a minor role. Turns out, he's writes well, too. His episode, En Ami, was probably my favorite from the original run. I was pleased to see that come back in Season 11.
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    Good versus evil is also good television! :)
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    I also notice 11:21. And instances of 48 and 56. CC et al often used birthdates as times/dates/file references. There once was a website devoted to finding all those in XF. (Someone on CC's wikepedia page changed his year of birth incorrectly a while ago. Any focused X-Files fan would know that he was born in 1956, as he not only plastered that all over many of his XF episodes, he even says it in his commentary of "Deep Throat".)
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    You know you've been watching too much MilleniuM when... You start calling your wife Catherine. Whenever you see something with F.B. like F.B.I. = Frank Black Investigations. when you sit down to your PC you say aloud or to yourself "Solyent green is people"

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