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    Joe, you've done incredibly well, a true, brave inspiration for so many. Keep the faith! Keep up the fight! You can do this! Sending good thoughts.
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    Sending Joe positive and healing energy !
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    this update from Joe's FB page ; " Well back to Chemo I go. I have been off of it for quite a long while. The CT Scan showed a small cancer spot on my lower rib and the lesions have gotten bigger. My fight with cancer continues.......I am never giving up " keep sending Joe positive and healing energy !
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    Hope the liver scan is negative for cancer. Joe needs a break. Will say a prayer for him tonight.
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    For sure Joe is in my heart and prayers. Love and huggers.
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    Hi, Location and GPS data in photos can be really useful especially on photo gallery and photo mapping sites. However, in some usage cases you don't want to reveal a location. This query was resolved but for anyone else interested or concerned... If you upload photos into our Gallery taken with a phone/tablet device etc that you had previously or unknowingly left set to include location data in the image (embedded GPS coordinates inside the file's EXIF data), our Gallery will show an optional map near the image, showing where it was taken. Under the map is a tool setting marked Privacy, in which is a simple on/off toggle switch. You can switch it off, or on again. Standard device data like make, model etc, isn't really personal (identifying) data, but you can certainly opt to strip it/remove it using various image processing software and apps. This sort of data is like iris, exposure, focus, flash data, it gets stored by your device (usually automatically) when you take a photo and can be quite useful, especially for sorting images or seeing how you got such a great photo. Depending upon the device, it may be possible to select which EXIF data the camera adds to the image file.
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    Love this album, and yes, I am a proud owner. Thank you again Alex. Huggers.
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    Graham, you're awesome, thank you.
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    Snow Files of the Week: "Main Title/Having a Baby/All about Ned" from "Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" (1994). This score shows Mark's orchestral side, combining beautiful themes with sweeping strings and a little bit of Americana. The album was released by Milan Records and still can be found for reasonable prices. It's definitely worth it. Enjoy!
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    All of the above and more heading across the pond to brave Joe.
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    Welcome to the group, and our home away from home. Hope to see you here often. Blessings always.
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    today an update from Joe on his FB page : " This afternoon I am going in for a CT Scan in regards to my Liver. Asking for prayers " please continue prayers and positive energy for our beloved member in his fight against cancer .
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    We are the Lord's shepherds, but there are others. "Wolves" is another name for a shepherd, but of the evil kind. https://www.godfire.net/Darlene_Luke/shepherds.htm
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    I knew that was him! I binged the series.
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    I loved the first season of Leftovers. The second season was pretty good as well. I kind of stopped following the show so I'm not sure if the third season aired yet or what's going on. I'm sure I'll eventually get to it since I really like the show.
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    WOW, something I haven't heard before...thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    Happy Bday , hope it is special !
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    never saw that one , I'll have to keep an eye out . thanks Old Man
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    new update by Joe today and its fantastic news ! " I just got a call from my doctors office about my blood work and all is good...yeah! "
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    I'm glad you are improving Joe, and I hope the healing, physically and mentally will speed up for you! You've been through so much, I do hope it's easier from here.
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    How wonderful to see you here again Joe. So glad you are improving. Hope you can make it back here again real soon. Love and huggers.
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    Now for a good laugh ~ No one dies in this one, it's just a question...LOL
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    Thank you Darlene, I truly appreciate that. I hope you're all doing well. Summer is coming!
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    BEER------> Yup, listened to him (Sam) after the show. Pretty interesting guy. This season is going good. BELCH

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