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    Poor Joe, that sounds terrible. Sending all the positive thoughts and energy I can. Come on Joe, you are beating this, keep going! 🙏
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    Personally, I think any more advanced extraterrestrials would prefer to stay away from us, we are too self-absorbed and definitely self-destructive. Earth can only sustain 6 billion people, and the world population clock has us at 7, 653,947, 7--, and now at 8, that's how fast it rises. We are like parasites on this planet now, and if we do have a world-wide known visitation, I hope it's to help us clean Earth up. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ Here's the image ~
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    The chemo must be truly awful. So glad he's doing so well. Thinking good thoughts.
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    Grinning-Skull Asteroid Set to Whiz by Earth Better late to the Halloween party than never: An asteroid shaped like a grinning skull is set to pass by Earth on Nov. 11. Asteroid 2015 TB145 was first discovered in 2015, when it zipped within 301,986 miles (486,000 kilometers) of Earth right on Halloween. According to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory small-body object database, the asteroid's next flyby will not be nearly so close; it will pass about 24 million miles (38 million km) from our planet. That's about a quarter of the distance from the Earth to the sun.
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    Joe is having a real bad time with his current chemo. keep all those prays and positive energy headed his way !
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    Thank you! It was a small (but beautiful) celebration.
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    So true and I need to add "eerie." Thanks Alex for another Snow file.
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    Thanks Old Man! I will tool around with the emojis when I get a bit of time. Yes, the Millennium Comet! Wish I'd seen the real thing.
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    poor Joe is really struggling . everyone please send all you got for him ! " This morning chemo has been cut down 20% due to side effects and the sickness. Plus the Doctor told me I will do three more rounds and get a scan again. I am so worn out and tired. I wish this was over " [ posted 4 hrs ago on FB ]
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    Where did those cute emoji things come from Old Man? the big ones! PS I posted this because every time I see asteroid or comet news, I think of the Frank Black Soliloquy ... and I wonder how on earth I missed the comet back then????????? Maybe it wasn't visible from NW Florida.
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    If you were out in space looking at the orbit around earth, you'd find out we are the trashy neighbors of the universe. It's Fred Sanford's junkyard out there... we don't see it of course but it's there, and it's as polluted and trashed up as any place ON earth. I think putting a probe on an asteroid is okay, maybe one we can program to return home so we don't litter any more. Unless that asteroid is going into the sun, in which case, it can incinerate our trash. I love how we see more and more of the universe though. And a Skull asteroid, wow! I watched a documentary about asteroids, or listened to it, rather. They have little to no gravity, so landing on them is very difficult. I know private companies want to mine asteroids. and we I think already blew a hole in one of them, according to an excited NASA person on the documentary! I hope for now, that it's too difficult for people to get out there and blow up too much stuff or trash it up. We could clean the earth up better, and maybe one day clean up the mess we've made in space too. I fear if the aliens want to clean earth up, we'd be the stuff they'd remove... we made a mess! ✨🖖
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    It's a shame we all can't use the colored one, but we do appreciate what you give us and your work here. Love and huggers ~
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    Where did you find the British DVD? I have a program that can convert it to my region. Having trouble finding it here, but I will keep looking. I don't mind any foreign film as long as it has English subs. Never made the connection with Danny Elfman, but I do now. And of course the awesome, Cher. Even a small clip is a treat from her. Again, I proudly say I am an owner of this album. Thanks Alex.
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    You're welcome. I really enjoyed the movie, although it's pretty melancholic. But that's what I like about it. As far as I know the movie wasn't dubbed. Even here in Germany the movie isn't available on DVD, I got the British DVD, which has the movie in its original french language with englisch subtiltes on it. Snow Files of the Week: Suite from The X-Files episode "Post-Modern Prometheus" (1997). For this episode, Snow composed a very unusual score. The main theme, a circus-dance-music-piece, is something, that you would expect from Danny Elfman, not from Snow. But Mark combines this music with a more somber tone for the grief of "The Great Mutato", who is looking for something we all do: Love. And during Mutato's speech at the end of the episode, Mark again uses a piece of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" within his score. This specific piece can also be heard in the MillenniuM episode "Lament". The music was released as a promotional disc at first, later it got an offical release on La-La Land Records' first volume box of The X-Files music. There is also a single disc with music from The X-Files, that was released last year by BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM. "The X-Files 20th Anniversary" contains music from various seasons of the show, including the "Post-Modern Prometheus" music as a re-recording. The CD is limited to 1000 copies and is also available digitally. Enjoy!
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    sent Joe * more healing energy * from all his friends @ TIWWA and Joe responded " Thank you Randee Larimer and everybody at TIWWA "
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    Wow Alex, I so appreciate you coming back and sharing this with us. And, I am definitely going to find this movie and watch it. My curiosity has kicked in.
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    "Les Herbes Folles (aka "Wild Grass", 2009)" is one of my favorites. It's perfect background music that you never tire of. Thanks for posting this Alex, and will probably play the entire album today now that you've reminded me of it.
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    Sounds like the numbers are going in the right direction, at least, but yes, will keep sending healing energy in his direction and hope it helps because he's been through so much already. Thanks for the update Walkabout.
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    update one hr ago on FB : even though Joes numbers continue to inch down the chemo is making him quit ill . please continue to send healing energy to him and his family . *more healing energy sent *
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    Again, I am a proud owner of this album, and love it. I so wish the show hadn't been cancelled, it was good. Thank you again for your post Alex.
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    Earthnut, i understand your point and thats what I was thinking because people have a bad opinion of Millennials , and it is a little disappointing that people are angry with the generation! I'd also like to see the website you were speaking of that had all the Merchandise! And I like your idea about the shirts! You should definitely see what we can do to make it happen!
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    Sure hope everyone has scanned through the images in this forum. Some truly are terrifying, and some are absolutely beautiful. If there's one missing, please post it. Check this one out ~ Vietnam Cau Vang Golden Bridge: At 150 metres long (490 feet)
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    Thank you everyone for your love and support. The physical and mental healing is slow but I am regaining my strength through it all
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    Celebrate Millennium's 21st Anniversary on October 25th 2017. Yes, its been 21 years and Millennium is still as topical and relevant as it was over 2 decades ago, when Millennium first premiered on October 25th way back in 1996. However you choose to celebrate, consider starting a new run of episode watching tonight in tribute of this wonderful series and of the creative talents of Millennium's cast and crew. This is who we are

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