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    Andrew, I know that I can speak for all of us with the congrats for winning, and also for stopping by to post. We hope to see you here often, which we consider our "Home Away From Home." Welcome to the family.
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    Thanks Darlene, I think the rotating Ouro is my favourite too! I want to recreate the Roedecker version with it eating itself. Either that or Frank's animated Pumpkin which I have left as it is, counting down to Halloween! Yes you can just enter 00 for the hours and 00 for the minutes for midnight on the day of your choosing.
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    Thanks, guys! You've helped increase my location on the Onan-o-Scale! A score of very high Upbeatness! ;) lol! Miss you guys and the ole board!
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    Hi folks, I've prepared this little extra guide above for anyone interested in trying our new Millennium-themed gadgets for Rainmeter. The current gadget is the first one I uploaded which is the Frank Black Countdown, but I've now created several gadgets and they are packaged together, so you can choose the ones you like, The new gadget pack includes all of the old favourites converted to work on Rainmeter including Lucy Butler and the Halloween-themed count downs including the animated version I did together with Ethsnafu, and some brand new ones including the Owls version of the Ouroborus, and a new rotating Ouroborus!
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    Absolutely love this track. Again thank you.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/x-files-back-again-sort-162135855.html From Digital Spy Look to the skies, people, The X-Files is returning once again, though not in the way you would expect. It seems you may have to listen to the skies on this occasion, as David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will lend their voices as Mulder and Scully for a new audio spin-off on Audible. The X-Files: Cold Cases will be set before the events of the recent revival series, providing more backstory on the events we saw. The new series will also be set after 2008 movie I Want To Believe, revealing more as to why the pair were pulled out of reclusion. The synopsis reads: "A database breach at FBI headquarters allows an unknown group to access and capitalize on those investigations left unsolved by the secret department once known as The X-Files. "As friends and foes of the agency long-thought gone begin to inexplicably reappear, former agents Mulder and Scully come out of anonymity to tackle a growing conspiracy involving their former department, the US government and forces not of this world." Cold Cases will have "creative direction" from X-Files creator Chris Carter, with the adaptation written by Dirk Maggs (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). Also appearing are characters Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), 'The Cigarette Smoking Man' (William B Davis) and the 'Lone Gunmen' (Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood). You can pre-order the series now. Meanwhile, it emerged earlier this year that The X-Files could be set for an 11th season on TV, though Fox is yet to commit to new episodes.
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    Welcome to This Is Who We Are, Andrew! Thanks for taking the time to register and say hello. Your video is really impressive, we appreciate your talent! Look forward to seeing you around the forums!
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    Hello all. I haven't posted here but wanted to share that my video submission was the one chosen for the Millennium after the Millennium opening credits. I appreciate the congrats and happy you guys like it! Thanks! Andrew Shelton
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    Interesting, this track has Burn Baby Burn (on CD 1) and I'm Ready (on CD 2). Did you put them together Alex? I don't have original copies, but copies from the original. As usual, Mark is Master. Thanks again Alex. I so appreciate you and your posts.
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    http://deadline.com/2017/04/the-machine-katee-sackoff-lance-henriksen-jaeden-bettencourt-syfy-ai-pilot-1202062434/amp/?ref=yfp ‘The Machine’: Katee Sackoff & Lance Henriksen Join Syfy’s AI Pilot Battlestar Galactica alumna Katee Sackhoff, Lance Henriksen (Aliens) and Jaeden Bettencourt (Hotel Transylvania 2) have joined the voice cast of Syfy’s artificial intelligence drama pilot The Machine. Based on the 2013 cult film, The Machine is set in a world that is being transformed by the emergence of artificial intelligence. The project explores the epic conflict between man and technology through the lives and motivations of six interwoven characters – each of whom holds the key to humanity’s victory or its destruction. Sackoff, Henriksen and Bettencourt will voice supercomputers Nadia, Stanley and Kazimir, respectively. Sackhoff, known for her role as Lt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on Battlestar Galactica, played Vic Moretti in Longmire and voiced Bitch Puddin’ in Robot Chicken. Henriksen’s film credits include Aliens and The Terminator, and on the TV side he most recently recurred on Into the Badlands. The Machine is executive produced and written by Caradog James (The Machine, Don’t Knock Twice) with Red & Black Films. The film’s producer, John Giwa-Amu, also will executive produce the pilot alongside Andrew Miller (Secret Circle). James also directs the pilot.
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    Well, I'm in a state of confusion, and as usual it's the terminology that's throwing me a curve ball. Frank's gadget is default, and when I clicked on the Rotating Ouroborus, I now have two. Trying to figure out how to remove the 1st one with Frank. It was easy to change the name, and took awhile to change the remaining days. The first couple times it didn't give me any instructions. Yippee, just removed the Frank gadget. I clicked on unload after right clicking on the Ouroborus and going to "manage skin." Also, I like a clean desktop, with little on it. I don't use shortcuts. I just go to the start menu and open what I want to open. Now I have a date and time, system info which is good, and disks, and I really don't care to see any of them. Removing them worked the same way, right clicking and going to "manage skins." and clicking unload. Now I have to figure out how to load them, and how to remove the Welcome skin from the desktop, but still be able to access it. I know, I'm a mess. But thinking this new post might help everyone who downloads the gadgets and has questions or problems.
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    Here's the winner (posted February 2017): AWESOME!
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    same thing with medical people , getting them to talk in plain English is not always easy . luckily I understand most of it unlike tech- talk which is like Klingon !
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    Wow, thank you so much Alex. Really enjoyed hearing something by Mark that I've never heard before. What a treat.
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    Snow Files of the Week: "Murder Between Friends" (1994). This is the music for a tv thriller. It reminds the listener sometimes of Michael Kamen's music for the "Lethal Weapon" movies, with its bluesy guitar and atmospheric pieces. Which might be no coincidence, since Mark and Michael Kamen were friends, after they played together in the "New York Rock & Roll Ensemble" in the 70's. The music is only a promotional release to date, maybe someday we will see an official release. Enjoy!
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    Graham, you are wonderful for taking the time to explain. Yes, to me, terminology is the main reason why people have a hard time understanding programs. I just don't understand why they have to make it more complicated. Thank you so much for the helpful tips link. All of this isn't just helping me, it will help others from now on who decide to download and run the program. There's bound to be a question that hasn't been covered. On the other hand, you are very precise, and there may not be anymore questions. My favorite is the rotating Ouroborus, and for starters I have the date set on my birthday in June; 75 days remaining...LOL It was the only date I could think of to practice with, and also know the time, which if I remember correctly, it can be set at 00 if you don't have a time. It's really cool to be able to change the countdown. I have it positioned above my clock and date on the task bar at the bottom. Love, love, love it! Thank you again.
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    Fans of Chris Carter's Millennium television series may be interested to know that we have recently released a new pack of Windows 10 compatible desktop gadgets inspired by the series. The gadget pack requires the free Rainmeter desktop enhancement platform to be installed first. The gadgets feature images inspired by Millennium, a Welcome Message from the Millennium Group, your name (optional) and the number of days remaining (you can edit the countdown) inspired by the Millennium television series. By default, when first installed each gadget displays the message "Welcome Frank", but the gadget can be easily configured to display any name and count down to any specific time and date you prefer. Here's a short demo video (without sound) of the gadgets in action, showing how easy it is to customise each one. You can display one or more gadgets at any time and with some, change their visual style. Pack includes 5 Millennium inspired gadgets, some with extra variants. Frank Black Countdown 2.0 Halloween 'Spooky' Frank Black Countdown 2.0 (new) Halloween Pumpkin Countdown 2.0 (new) with 2 selectable variations, animated with flickering candle and standard non-animated version. Lucy Butler Countdown 2.0 (new) Ouroborous Countdown 2.0 (new) with 3 selectable variations including standard gold Ouroborous, an animated rotating Ouroborous and the popular Owls version of the Ouroborous. The latest version of our gadget pack is available to download free for registered members via our TIWWA Downloads Manager here: Millennium Gadgets Pack (for Rainmeter & Windows) Helpful tips on using our new Millennium gadgets Rainmeter is available from https://www.rainmeter.net/ View the original article at Millennium-ThisIsWhoWeAre.net
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    I think I may actually have a KVM switch in storage, but couldn't get it to work last time I tried using it. Right now I don't have room for the other tower. Oh well. WOW, newegg, I know one or more of the guys who are associated with that site, and it's where I buy my DVD burners. Sometimes I feel this is the exchange with my PC. Well, tried twice to paste it so I will have to drag and drop.
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    Hi Darlene, firstly thanks for trying out the gadget pack! Asking is how we learn, don't worry! Yes, you can just have 1 gadget/skin loaded, or several! It's completely up to you. I'm greedy and like them all 'Loaded'! The Welcome gadgets are part of the so-called Illustro demo pack of gadgets that come with Rain Meterto get you started and so you know it's working. You can just right-click on any and all of them, one by one, to Unload them once you're bored with them. I appreciate that Rainmeter's terminology can be a bit confusing and nerdy, they could have made it more friendly and less geeky, but once you understand how to 'load' and 'unload' the skins (Rainmeter's fancy name for Gadgets or as some people call them, Widgets) and how to switch if a skin has more than one or different variants (like the Ouroborus and Pumpkin gadgets), that's about all you need to know. Suddenly it clicks in your head (if you've had a good coffee first!) and you think to yourself, "Oh, I see! Yes, I get it now!" Then you can do it quickly. You found 1 way to remove or close a skin, you can certainly use that method, but there is actually an even easier way, without having to go to the Manage screen/control panel first... Just 'Right click' on any gadget and you'll see the pop-up menu, at the bottom just click on the Unload option. Check out the tips guide/topic I made, which shows you with pictures, how to easily Load (display a skin/gadget), how to Unload (switch off a skin/gadget), and how to see if a skin has more than one variant, like the rotating Ouroborus one, and if so, how to switch between the variants or variations. To Load a new skin, as in the help topic, the quickest way is to right-click on any open gadget and on the menu choose the M-TIWWA group of gadgets and then choose which you want to see. If you don't have gadgets at all on your screen (loaded), instead go to the Manage control panel by double-clicking on the Rainmeter raindrop icon by your clock (or if you prefer, right click on it and choose Manage), look at the list of gadgets and simply double-click on them to Load them (as many as you like), or click on the Load button to load the one you have selected from the list. Hope this helps!
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    Downloaded Rainmeter and the Gadgets, but I obviously have some reading to do before I know how to use either of them. Thanks again, and please get to feeling good again.
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    You are very welcome Graham, and all compliments to you are well deserved. Glad to hear the gadgets will work on Win 7. I miss seeing it. My problem is I don't need 2 monitors as much as I need 2 computers, but haven't a clue how to connect them to one monitor. Really am lacking room too, but I'd figure it out to get more accomplished at the same time.
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    As usual Graham, you're the man. Thanks again for all that you do for us here. Love the revolving Ouroborous. You said the pack is for Windows 10, but mentioned the issues you had with the original Windows 7. Is there a slight chance these new gadgets will work on windows 7? Is your second monitor hooked up to the same computer, or do you have two computers?
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    crap I just realized this is from last year! oops. Sorry!
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    Happy Belated Walkabout! I do hope it was a great one, and that it left you smiling!
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    Happy belated Graham!!! I hope it was a wonderful day for you!
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    Happy Belated birthday Selfosophist! Love that episode.!! It ties as my FAV!
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    I would have been chattier on my birthday this year, but that's when the tooth infection kicked in and I thought that was a horrible present to get!
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    Belated birthday greetings, Scott. I have so got to watch that episode again.
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    Yes, yes, yes, dark and haunting, but so beautiful at the same time. There's a tense buildup in spots, and then poof, it subsides, leaving chills up and down my spine. And the drums all by themselves, not knowing where they will lead, oh my. What a genius Mark is. Thanks again Alex. Always a treat when I listen to your posts.
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    Snow Files of the Week: "Prayer/Suicide Exam" from the X-Files episode "Die Hand Die Verletzt (1995)". A remarkable score by Mark for this episode. The story around satanic rituals, belief and possession inspired Mark to this very dark and gothic score. The brooding ambient music sets the mood for the chilling events that occur at a high school. Mark also brings some satanic chants into the music, making this one of the most memorable scores of the entire show. "Die Hand Die Verletzt" is german for "The Hand that wounds". The term can be heard in the satanic prayer the teachers are doing at the beginning of the episode. Ironically the episode got another title in Germany, where it's called "Satan". Music from "Die Hand Die Verletzt" was released on the second volume of the X-Files 4-Disc-Box-Set by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
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    BEER-----> Yes, Chuck is gone. But not his 'Ding a Ling'. BELCH
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    Examples, should you ever have needed them, of why the English can seem just a little bit odd: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-4305774/Hilarious-British-situations-caught-camera.html I'm currently watching a UK TV programme called "Coast", which is a collection of all the various things that goes on around the coastline of the British Isles, from people to history to geology. This episode had a segment on a jigsaw puzzle competition, which has been going on for years. The winners are whoever manages to put together the most jigsaw puzzle pieces in the time available. It's not easy to describe, but I'll do my best: The tables are provided by the organisers, and they're placed on the beach between the low and high water marks. The competitors have to decide when to call it quits, as the tide rolls in and threatens to wash the puzzle pieces away. Some seasoned competitors manage to hold up the floating tables while up to their waists in water, using their skills and knowledge to judge whether it's wise to try to fit in another piece before the next wave hits, or risk losing it all. Totally nuts! But quintessentially funny in that British way.
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    This is sad. I really liked that episode and his character in it.
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    I don't usually follow celebrity news, but I recognised his name in the headline on a news page, and immediately knew who he was. He was so very good as Eddie in Omerta. Then I looked at his imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0689237/ He appeared in so many movies/TV shows, which I always think is a sign that he was not only a good actor but also a good guy on set/in real life. He was only 65. Apparently, he contracted an infection following melanoma surgery. He's survived by his long-term partner, Darryl Armbruster.
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    So sad and yet so uplifting. Poor Polo, to have stayed and shielded the baby, had to be so painful and horrible. But Polo was a true hero.
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    He played Josef Heim, the colorful German policeman in the Millennium episode "The hand of Saint Sebastian"...
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    Sad news. He was a fantastic actor and I too would have loved to have seen him in more episodes. Gottfried John
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    Yeah, really sad. I thought i can post something new here, but seesthru was faster. How did you hear about german actors? I dont think they had it on the news in the states, did they? ****ing Cancer! I really loved his impression of a cop in "The Hand of Saint Sebastian". Here some pictures of him from the episode, that i found on our mainpage. I think we should share some of them in this thread: Rest in Peace Gottfried.
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    I liked his character. The language! LOL Now he's one I might like to have seen in other episodes!